The Ultimate Grocery Guide for Fit Girls ...


The Ultimate Grocery Guide for Fit Girls ...
The Ultimate Grocery Guide for Fit Girls ...

Okay fit girls before you head to the grocery store for your food shopping, let me share some skinny girl secrets to guide you. If you are fit and love to exercise, do not sabotage your efforts with poor eating. Certain tips like how to navigate the aisles the healthy way, avoiding the candy shelves and never, ever going shopping with your belly rumbling can help you make healthier choices. And with a plan to shop healthy you will navigate the grocery store with poise and confidence!

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Be Mindful of the Food You Bring in Your Home

When you shop be mindful of the food you bring into your home. Choose food that nourishes your body and mind. Take an approach to eating for your health and you will take the first step to the ultimate grocery guide for fit girls. Every little change adds up to make a big difference overall.


Opt for whole, unprocessed foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, and healthy fats. These provide the nutrients and energy you need without unnecessary additives or calories. Reading labels is crucial; watch out for high levels of sugar, sodium, and artificial ingredients. By stocking your pantry and fridge with wholesome choices, you'll be more likely to snack smart and create balanced meals that align with your fitness goals. Remember, planning is key – go in with a list to avoid impulse purchases that don't serve your body well.


Shop the Perimeters of the Store

Have you ever noticed where the bulk of the healthy food is? Try the perimeters of the store. In the borders of the grocery store you will usually find produce, dairy and often grains. In the middle of the store, you will find chips and other junk foods that have no place in your life. So shop the perimeters fit girl and better your health!


Map out a Grocery Shopping Plan

Set a plan in how to navigate the grocery store healthily so that you can get in a routine. This will help you to become an efficient healthy shopper and you will save on time and calories. So set a plan and stick to the map!


Avoid the Candy Aisle

One of the greatest changes to most grocery stores is the addition of the no candy aisle. In most stores you can actually go in the aisle with toys at the register instead of candy. This is a genius change because this will help you to avoid temptation. And if you have little ones you will be thrilled to not hear the whines and chants for candy as you check out at the register!


Make Sure Your Cart is Colorful

If your grocery cart is colorful you did great because then you have a variety of veggies which means plenty of vitamins and minerals to nourish your body. Make sure your cart is colorful from produce rather than boxed food. The fresher the food the better for your body and your waistline!


Have a Variety

Have a variety of healthy food choices in your cart to help you to create healthy meals. With creativity you can eat healthy while avoiding boredom. There is nothing better than creating and eating dishes with zest, flavor and fun while still being healthy!


Never Go Shopping Hungry

Never, ever go food shopping while your belly is rumbling. If you head to the store with your appetite high, you can set yourself up for sabotage. It is much easier to fall off your plan if you are hungry so have a salad before you go shopping. And shop with confidence because you are full and knowledgeable so go ahead and make the best food choices!

So fit girl now that you have a guide to grocery shop the healthy way, head to the store with a list and plan to navigate so you make the best choices for your life!

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