The Top Benefits of Being Vegan to Consider ...


The Top Benefits of Being Vegan  to Consider  ...
The Top Benefits of Being Vegan  to Consider  ...

What’s up with Veganism? Is it a fad or can a girl get some real benefits from swapping steak for veggies? What are the top benefits of being vegan?

Glowing skin, cheaper grocery lists, better mood and a health boost are just some of the many benefits of embracing a plant-based, vegan lifestyle. You don’t have to completely ditch meat to get these benefits. This way of eating just a couple of days a week could bring about a big change in how you look and feel. Here are the top benefits of being vegan.

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Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half

Meat is expensive. Trade your meat-based meals in for grains, lentils and veggies are you will save a chunk of money on grocery store costs. Saving money really is one of the top benefits of being vegan.

Eating veggies helps to cut your food bill in more ways than one. Grains and lentils also stay fresh longer, while meat goes off fairly quickly. Ever had to throw out a pricey cut of meat? Meal wasted.


Boost Your Mood

Many doctors and psychotherapists recommend a balanced and healthy diet for helping to balance the mood and battle anxiety and depression.

While doctors recommend that you stack your plate high with veggies and lay off the junk food if you want to help nix stress, anxiety and depression, only one kind of diet has been proven to help actually improve depression and anxiety.

In a study published in the 2010 edition of the Nutrition Journal, a plant-based diet was put to the test by a group of researchers who studied the impact of the diet on the moods of participants, when compared to a control group.

The vegans and vegetarians studied experienced greater wellbeing, a better mood, more energy, less stress agitation, and a decrease in their anxiety and depression.

The adverse impact of meat and fish on mood has been related to arachidonic acid, which produces brain inflammation that negatively impacts the moods of meat and fish eaters.


Say Goodbye to Acne

Dairy has repeatedly been linked to acne in several studies and many people find that cutting back on milk and cheese, or totally getting rid of dairy, completely transforms their skin.

While dairy may not be the only thing causing your breakouts, dairy, along with sugar, are two of the biggest dietary causes of acne according to the science.


Improve Your Health

Eating plant-based will provide you with several important nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are lacking in the standard American diet (including plenty of protein).

Vegan diets have been extensively researched and scientists have found that they are protective against certain cancers, heart disease and other diseases. One study found that vegans have a 42% lower risk of developing heart disease. In addition, several studies have shown that vegans have a 15% lower chance of developing cancer.


Lose Weight

Aside from being protective against disease, vegan diets are also great for helping you to lose weight: a number of randomized controlled studies (the most reliable forms of scientific study) have found the vegan diets come out on top for weightl0ss when compared to a range of other weight loss programs.

Whether you decide to ditch meat for good or you want to reap in many of these awesome benefits by eating this way a few days a week, there are many real benefits to opting for more fruit and veggies over meat.

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