5 Health Benefits of a Mediterranean Diet ...


5 Health Benefits of a Mediterranean Diet ...
5 Health Benefits of a Mediterranean Diet ...

It's time to learn all about the health benefits of a Mediterranean diet. Let’s face it. No one likes to go on a diet. Ultimately, we try year after year to diet, improve our eating habits and feel better. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not work, but if we find a diet that is worth sticking to that we not only like, but that we can also live with, we feel like we have struck gold. One of these types of diets that you can live with is called the Mediterranean diet. This diet is a livable diet, one that can help protect your skin from the sun, one that can help regulate your blood sugar, and one that can help you lose weight and keep it off for the long run. This diet allows you to eat many foods that you crave, however, it replaces ingredients with healthier options. It also uses fruit, whole grains (usually outlawed by many diets), vegetables, a variety of beans, fish, and olive oil to cook with. Here are the health benefits of a Mediterranean diet.

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It Helps Protect Your Skin

Through research, it has been established that weekly consumption of leafy greens, citrus fruit, extra virgin olive oil and grilled fish can help protect your skin against harmful UV rays that you take in each day you are in the sun. Skin cancer prevention is a crucial factor at any time, however, when a diet can help you with this, why not try it? That's one of the best health benefits of a Mediterranean diet.


It Improves Your Cholesterol

When people cook, they tend to use butter in recipes, which increases your cholesterol levels rather than reducing them. This type of diet recommends that you switch your cooking oils for extra virgin olive oil, which has been found to be high in mono-saturated fatty acids which improves your HDL cholesterol while flushing out the bad LDL cholesterol from your arteries. Extra virgin olive oil can be used in many areas of cooking, such as salad dressings, over fish, chicken, meats, pasta, and more!


It Utilizes Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Providing a Reliable Source of Protein While Helping to Improve Your Overall Health

This type of diet emphasizes eating grilled fish. Fish are a major source of protein while adding omega-3s to your diet. By eating fish, you can also improve your brain and body functions. It has also been known to lower your risk of having a heart attack.


It Helps with Cardiovascular Diseases

By incorporating whole grains into your daily diet, you can fill up on fiber and antioxidants that your body uses to process food and aid in digestion. Enjoy them for breakfast, lunch or dinner each day. Brown rice, oats, quinoa, pasta and many other types of whole grains can help you with feeling full and satisfied!


It Allows You to Eat Natural Foods Packed with Vitamins

There are many types of vegetables that you can incorporate into this diet that contain diverse types of vitamins that are great for the body. Some examples include vitamin C which can be found in cabbage, bell peppers, spinach, squash and tomatoes. Vitamin A can be found in lettuce, carrots, and sweet potatoes. Calcium can be found in soybeans, spinach and peas. There are many more that can be utilized, including several types of beans, fruits, and vegetables. Research and review what foods you like to enjoy and see the benefits that they provide!

Choose your strategies when dieting. Research and review what is a good fit for you. The Mediterranean diet should never make you feel restricted in what you eat. It provides you with a variety of foods and recipes that you can prepare and enjoy!

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