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A low-carb breakfast can be incredibly beneficial to your health - not just for weight loss. Studies have shown that starting the day out with more protein than carbs can enhance mental focus, prevent fatigue, delay hunger, improve insulin levels, reduce sugar cravings, increase lean muscle mass, and yes - it can also aid in weight loss. That’s a lot of benefits to argue with, don’t you agree? Try out a few of these tips for making a low-carb breakfast this week and let me know what you think!

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Alter Your Oats

Alter Your Oats If you’re an oatmeal fan (as I am), then one way to still enjoy them on a low-carb breakfast plan is to just reduce the amount, instead of eliminating them altogether. Use ¼ cup instead of ½ cup and cook them with almond milk and egg whites(or even chia seeds and coconut flour if you’re vegan) to thicken it up. It will make your oats super creamy, increase the protein content, and reduce the carb content at the same time.


Try Eggs

Try Eggs Eggs are one of the best foods to use to make a low-carb breakfast. If you’re not a fan of whole eggs, try using just the whites by stirring them into your oatmeal or pour them in your morning smoothie. They’re tasteless, high in protein, and can help you ward off sugar cravings all day long!


Smoothie Smarts

Smoothie Smarts Keep your smoothie low-carb by using no more than ¼ cup fruit. Use cucumber, spinach, stevia, and even a dash of cocoa powder to sweeten it up instead. When you do choose fruit, only use low sugar berries like acai, blackberries, or raspberries instead of your usual banana.


Add Veggies

Add Veggies One trick to lighten up the carb load is to pack out your breakfast with veggies! Toss some asparagus or peppers into your eggs or add leafy greens to your smoothie. Veggies are packed with fiber that reduces your blood sugar and prevents insulin surges that lead to weight gain.


Keep It to One Cup

Keep It to One Cup Having coffee? Keep it to one cup for the best benefits. One cup a day can actually improve insulin, while more than that can send it up and down just like sugar can.


Coffee Smarts

Coffee Smarts Speaking of coffee, if you’re going low-carb, be sure you know what’s going in your morning cup. Opt for unsweetened almond or coconut milk in place of cream and use stevia instead of sugar. You can even add a dash of cocoa powder for a morning mocha!


Add a Little Protein Powder

Add a Little Protein Powder A high quality protein powder is extremely helpful for designing a low-carb breakfast. Choose brands that are sugar-free, artificial ingredient free, and low in fat and carbs. My favorites are Sunwarrior Warrior Blend, Vega One, and About Time Whey Protein. You can add them to a smoothie, stir them into oatmeal, or even bake with them instead of flour to make muffins and pancakes!

As you can see, a low-carb breakfast can actually be quite satisfying and the best part is, there's no calorie counting! Getting a high protein breakfast into your day is one of the best things you can do for your body. Put down the bagel and pick up something better instead! Do you use any of these low-carb tips or have one of your own?

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I love these tips! I'm diabetic and eating low carb is extremely important!

I have a libertine yoghurt for my breakfast when am working packed with protein


eggs and oatmeal my go to break-fast should switch it up and add more goods thanks

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