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There are plenty of ways to stick to your diet at a party that don’t require deprivation or being antisocial. When you’re on a diet, you tend to stay in and avoid social functions, fearing these parties are going to derail you from your plan. But all it takes is making a few conscious choices about what you eat and drink so you can still have fun and be healthy. Try these seven ways to stick to your diet at a party.

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Opt for Water over Soda and Alcohol

Drinking sodas, alcohol, or other calorie-ridden beverages is a surefire way to pack on pounds at a party. One of the best ways to stick to your diet at a party is to opt out of these calorie death traps. Pick water or seltzer with a twist of lemon, lime, or even a splash of all-natural cranberry juice for a drink that’s super chic and low-calorie.


Avoid Cheap and Processed Appetizers

Many parties have table after table of cheap, fattening, and highly processed appetizers to stuff your face with before dinner. As tempting as it is to indulge in meatballs, high-sodium chips/crackers, and other naughty foods, stick to simple, basic appetizers like fresh fruits and veggies or baked tortilla chips with natural salsas. If you’re worried there won’t be anything for you to eat, try bringing your own healthy appetizer to share.


Find a Place to Socialize Away from Food

Usually people congregate around the appetizer table to socialize as they eagerly wait for dinner. But how about you pick somewhere else to hang out that’s away from the food? Going outside on the patio or to another room for the party is a great way to have fun without getting tempted by all the fattening food.


Fill up on Greens

When dinner is served, try to fill up on leafy greens and salad before eating your main entrée. The fiber and nutrients in your salad will help fill you up so you’ll eat less of the unhealthy dishes. This is a low-calorie option that still lets you eat your favorite foods simply by eating some fiber-rich vegetables first.


Look for Lean Sources of Protein

Many parties will have lean sources of chicken, turkey, or fish. Don’t forget about plant sources of protein like chickpeas or black beans. If the protein choices seem very fattening or are drenched in high-sugar sauces, fill up on fruits, veggies, and whole grains for a vegetarian dinner that’s healthy and delicious!


Allow Yourself One or Two Treats

I understand that you might want to let loose at a party. Unless you’re partying every night (which I hope you’re not), a few bites of those butter-laden mashed potatoes or that creamy broccoli and rice casserole aren’t going to kill you. If you don’t eat like this on a regular basis, a couple hundred calories isn’t going to set you back that much. Indulge, enjoy, and allow yourself the occasional treat.


Share Dessert with a Friend or Date

If dessert always seems to be calling your name, try sharing it with your friend or date. A couple of bites of cake will feel like you’re indulging, but a super small portion that’s shared won’t be nearly as many calories as the entire dessert. Sharing is a fun and simple way to keep your calories in check for high-sugar foods like desserts.

With this survival guide, you’ll be able to navigate any party without feeling tempted by food the entire time. What are some of your favorite tips for enjoying yourself at a party but still keeping your diet in check?

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I always eat before going to a party. When I get there I stick to the veggies. But I won't deprive myself of a piece of chocolate!

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