7 Signs Your Diet is Ruining Your Thyroid ...


The thyroid is one of the most important and fragile glands in the body, and unless you’re aware of the signs your diet is ruining your thyroid, you could be eating your way to poor health. Many people are tested for low thyroid function and the results come out just fine, so they don’t give it much thought. Yet, what most people don’t know is that tests aren’t the best measurement, believe it or not, due to regulations. Thyroid level ranges can be right above or below the level where your thyroid’s health measures up, so technically, if you’re told your thyroid is fine, you might be just one or two points away from being at risk for poor thyroid health, yet not meet the criteria to be diagnosed with it. Consider these signs your diet is ruining your thyroid and be sure you take care of it the best way possible.

1. Low Sodium

If you consistently find yourself weak, even if you eat regularly, this is one of the main signs your diet is ruining your thyroid. Too many raw goitrogenic vegetables, not enough natural sodium in the diet, low iodine and low B12 counts can all contribute to low thyroid function. I used to avoid salt like the plague and eat tons of vegetables raw until I found out they were causing my low thyroid and making me weak. Raw veggies are healthy but if you have thyroid symptoms such as being weak, fatigued, etc. they could be contributing to lower thyroid function. Salt is another factor to consider. You should avoid too much added sodium, but sodium is actually a crucial mineral to the diet, and aids in everything from thyroid health to energy, to a better metabolism. Add natural sources from seafood the most natural form of salt you can find. You should also consume sea salt in small amounts, and my favorite kind is Himalayan sea salt, which is wind processed to retain all its natural minerals.

Low Carb
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