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7 Secrets to a Skinny Kitchen ...

By Tara

Want to know the secrets to a skinny kitchen? By a simple makeover of your kitchen you can find weight loss easier and avoid the temptations that lead you away from your healthy eating plan. By living in a home with a skinny kitchen you can feel less like you are on a diet and more like you are living in a healthy lifestyle. So do you want to know where to begin? Here are the secrets to a skinny kitchen:

1 Ditch the Junk

Okay, so we all like to stock the home with all our baking ingredients so that we feel like Betty Crocker on a whim, we can get baking, but do we really need this? Absolutely not! By having all the ingredients on hand, you are setting yourself up for sabotage. So ditch the sweets and replace them with healthy choices. This is one of the major secrets to a skinny kitchen.

2 Restock the Healthy Way

Where is the comfort and nutrition if your cupboards are bare? You need to have some food in your home or you will order takeout on a daily basis. Just make sure it is the right food. If you restock your kitchen the healthy way you will find yourself making better choices and living life the right way!

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3 Prepare Fresh Snacks

What fun would life be without a little snacking? Snacking is a healthy part of nutrition to help keep your metabolism strong, but only when done right. Slice up fruits and veggies to store in the refrigerator and when you are hungry for a snack you can have one, guilt free.

4 Put an Inspirational Message inside Your Pantry

As you open your pantry and eye the crackers on the top shelf, look at the inspirational message inside your pantry. Believe in yourself and know that you can stay on track to healthy eating. Inspire yourself with the life benefits you will receive just by making healthier choices.

5 Put a Motivational Picture on Your Refrigerator

Do you remember the string bikini you wore when you were in college? If you have a picture of it, hang it on your refrigerator to keep yourself motivated. There is nothing more motivating than getting in the shape you once were in. You know you can do it because you have done it before, so look at this picture and be most mindful when making food choices in your home.

6 Attach a Cooking Workout to the Side of Your Refrigerator

As you are waiting for the pasta to boil, why not do some leg lifts and squat holds? This can help you to achieve your goal. A cooking workout will utilize the 15-20 minutes of wait time to make this fitness time. This workout will also remind you that your food should align with your exercise routine; it is all about making healthier choices!

7 Prepare Some Healthy Drinks

Slice up some lemon or orange slices to put in your water for a natural diuretic that will reduce bloating and help you to feel great. Keep this water in your refrigerator, cold and ready to go when you are thirsty in your skinny kitchen.

Hope my skinny kitchen tips will help you to have a healthier and happier makeover. All your efforts from the gym will pay off tenfold as you lose more weight and see better results from making healthier food choices. Do you have any skinny kitchen tips that you live by?

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