9 Easy Ways to Veganize Your Meals ...

Whether you’re on a diet to lose weight or you just want to improve your heart health, there are some easy ways to veganize your meals to get you on the right track. What does “veganize” mean, and why should you do it? “Veganize” simply means to take a dish that is normally made with animal products, and substitute vegan foods instead - and don’t worry - I’m not going to pull out the tempeh and Tofurkey sausage sticks! Instead I’m going to share some healthy foods (which happen to be tofu-free) to veganize your meals. Did I mention these suggestions are absolutely delicious? Let’s give them a try!

1. Coconut Milk or Cream

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One tasty way to veganize your meals is to start using coconut milk in your meals instead of dairy milk or cream. You can purchase canned coconut milk in both full-fat and low-fat varieties. Though coconut milk has saturated fat, it is completely cholesterol-free. Coconut is great to eat on a diet, vegan or not, because the fats are burned for energy and not stored as fat.

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