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Why You Should Never Completely Cut out Carbs ...

By Tara

Do you know the reasons you should not cut out carbs? Megan Fox, Jennifer Aniston and a countless list of other celebrities cut out carbs for a great reason, to slim down and shape up. Whether it is for an upcoming debut or just because they are in the limelight, there is a great deal of pressure to slim down, and low carbs or no carbs work for them. But they do it usually for a short time, rather than for a lifetime - and for good reason, since it is restrictive. But is this restrictive diet too much for the average person? Are there any downsides to cutting out carbs? Absolutely and here are the reasons you should not cut out carbs:

1 Lack of Energy

If you have cut out carbs to lose weight and although the weight is dropping you feel tired, you are experiencing the “low carb” crash. Since your brain and muscles run mainly on glucose, lack of carbs equates to a lack of energy. So this is one of the main reasons you should not cut out carbs.

2 Nutrient Deficiencies

Cutting out any major food group is a red flag to nutrient deficiencies. Since carbohydrates play a major role in brain functionality, they're probably not a good thing to cut out. Cutting down later in the day is a safer choice than eliminating carbohydrates and the fiber and vitamins that go along with them.

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3 If You Are Active

If you are an avid exerciser, your body needs carbs even more as your fuel. Just make sure to get your carbs from whole grain foods because your body cannot tell the difference from refined flour and jelly beans. Your body breaks this down the same way. Sedentary people need fewer carbs because of their lack of active lifestyle.

4 To Think Clearer

If you have tried to eliminate carbohydrates, you may have noticed that it takes you longer to collect your thoughts and you just felt a bit off. That is because having sufficient carbohydrates (90-130 grams) will help your brain to function properly. Any less can having you feeling out of sorts and unable to think clearly.

5 Better Memory

Been losing your car keys more often lately? Could your low carb or no carb diet have your memory being less than sharp lately? It most certainly can, especially if you have been eliminating carbs completely. To get back on track, slowly introduce carbs again and you will notice a vast improvement in your memory. Your brain fuels on the glucose from carbs, so do not eliminate this necessity.

6 Too Restrictive

As you cut out carbs you notice you are eating a large amount of meat and you are constantly hungry. Is your no carb diet too restrictive? If your body is constantly craving it, it probably is in need of this major food group. So reintroduce a small amount of carbs and see how your body responds. Take it in stride and see how you feel as a result of bringing the carbs back in.

7 Choose a Lifestyle, Not a Diet

As a trainer, I teach my clients to choose a healthy lifestyle, not a diet. A diet is temporary, but if you embrace a lifestyle, you're making long-term choices that become part of your life. So get with a healthy lifestyle that is not too restrictive but you can stick with!

So tell me, are you ready to embody a healthy lifestyle and live in moderation? If you can embrace moderation, you will live a healthy life without feeling deprived!

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