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If you’ve just started a diet and have been feeling fatigued, you might want to consider why your diet is making you tired. Have you considered that perhaps your body isn’t getting the nutrition it needs? Sometimes, when we go on our diet, our bodies can go through a transitional period where we feel deprived. This is nothing more than detox symptoms from a former toxic diet full of sugars and unhealthy fats for most people. However, if the fatigue lasts for more than a couple weeks, it might be time to think about why your diet is making you tired. A healthy diet should provide energy, vitality, and satisfaction to your life, not fatigue and low energy. Be aware of some of these signs that your diet might be to blame for your low energy so you can fix them fast!

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Low in Protein

Protein is a vital nutrient for your energy, and not getting enough is one reason why your diet is making you tired. Protein provides energy to the body and supports your muscles, which keeps you strong and enhances metabolism health. It’s also responsible for many processes in the body, which help everything from your immunity to your sex drive. If you’ve been skimping on protein, be sure you’re getting at least 15 grams or higher per meal. While some people will need more than others, usually 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight is best for active individuals, while less active people might need ½ gram per body weight.


Low in Calories

I’ve got news for you if you’re counting calories, dear- it might be the reason you have zilch energy! Calories by definition mean energy. They’re aren’t evil, but are important for your metabolism. If you don’t fuel your body, it can’t fuel you. I don’t calorie-count myself, but do make sure I get enough to help give me energy throughout the day. Be sure you get your calories from healthy sources like plant-based fats, fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and starchy vegetables. Whole grains can also be a good source of calories, so long as they are unrefined, and as natural as possible, not processed food forms.


Low Fat

Even if you’re getting enough calories, you might still be eating too little fat. Add a little heart healthy fat to each meal, or add more and see how you feel. If your energy improves, most likely, this was the missing link, and it’s a delicious one to fix!



Another way you might be hurting your energy levels is by not eating enough healthy carbs. You don’t need grains to get your carbs, or heavy breads and starches. Instead, be sure to eat fruits, root veggies, and nuts and seeds. All of these are great sources of energizing carbs if you’re watching your carbohydrate intake. There’s nothing wrong with whole grains, of course, but for some people, they can stall weight loss or interfere with digestion. If you tolerate them well, then try adding a little to your routine, and see how it works!


Processed Diet Food

Processed diet food like bars, frozen meals, or special drinks on the store shelves are not going to enhance your energy. Most likely, those with caffeine and sugar added will even hurt it. Instead of buying those products that have ingredients which are hard for the body to digest, eat more natural foods. A clean diet is one of the most energizing things you can give your body, and how it prefers to work best.


Low in Veggies

So you’ve been sure to get your proteins, fats, and some carbs in, but what about your veggies and greens? Be sure you get enough veggies and greens in your diet, or your energy will sag. These foods contain phytochemicals your body loves, and will use to help provide you optimal energy. Your body won’t work at peak level without these, and they are essential for your immune health too.


Too Small Portions

Perhaps you’re eating everything right, but simply not eating enough. While heavy meals can make you sluggish, tiny meals might leave you tired from too little fuel. A good idea is to build a healthy plate full of nutritious foods, and eat until you’re 80% full. If that’s more on active days, then that’s fine! Giving your body what it needs is what will lead to the best weight loss success.

These are all common mistakes people make when going on a diet, but luckily, they’re also easy to fix. In just a couple days you will most likely see improved energy, and be well on your way to feeling better quickly. Do you make any of these mistakes with your diet?

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I just wanna to lose my weight up to 10kg

Whenever I diet I always feel so tired and cranky!! Whenever I am watching what I eat and avoiding the foods I love it just does not make me feel normal. I just believe try to watch what you eat but don't kill yourself. Or it will consume you.


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