7 Reasons to Throw Your Scale Away Forever ...


Ten years ago, I quit weighing myself for good, and never looked back, so I’d like to share some reasons to throw your scale away if you live by the number it tells you each day. Scales can be helpful for people that are overweight, and losing at first. It helps them keep progress of how they are doing. Or, for someone who is at a deathly low weight and gaining weight, it might be helpful for allowing them to see progress. Yet, for most of us, the scale is nothing more than an instrument of numerical torture. I prefer to go by how my clothes fit to see if I’m losing or gaining weight, and adjust accordingly. I have actually held a more steady weight the last two years of my life than ever, and haven’t done it through watching a scale needle hover, I promise. Getting rid of your scale has tons of benefits. Join me in celebrating all the reasons to throw your scale away, right this minute!

1. It Ruins Your Day

One of the main reasons to throw your scale away right now, is that getting on it and seeing a couple of pounds in weight gain, usually ruins most women’s day. I know a handful of people that have told me they wish they didn’t feel compelled to weigh themselves, but feel they have to in order to keep a low weight. When they see a couple of pounds increase, they freak out and it ruins their entire day. Don’t start your day off with a scale. Start it off with a nice jolt of exercise and a healthy breakfast. This gives you a good day, everyday, and is a great tip to stay at a healthy weight, without a scale.

It Alters Your Hunger Cues
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