Reasons to Consider as to Why You Always Feel Hungry ...


Reasons to Consider as to Why You Always Feel Hungry ...
Reasons to Consider as to Why You Always Feel Hungry ...

Have you ever given any thought to the reasons you always feel hungry? Are you somebody who eats like a normal person but still finds that you are left feeling hungry, even starving, at different times during the day on a regular basis? The feeling of hunger even when you know that you have been eating is one that is actually really common, and those in search of an answer for their odd problem can find a lot of information online. To help you, here is a list of some of the most common reasons why you always feel hungry. Some reasons are obvious, and some are a little more unknown!

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Not Enough Sleep

A lack of sleep in your regular routine could be the reason for your feelings of hunger. Periods of short sleep are known to increase levels of a hormone called ghrelin, which is something that stimulates feelings of hunger. If you are only getting two or three hours here and there, this hormone will have a much stronger presence in your body than people who enjoy a solid seven to eight hours.



They might seem like different feelings on the surface, but you would be amazed by how many people mistake thirst and dehydration for hunger. When you are feeling like your body is craving a meal, it might actually just need one or two glasses of water to satisfy it. Drinking between meals is one of the best way to reduce hunger pangs and manage your appetite.



Could it be that you are pregnant? It might come as a shock, especially if you haven’t actually been trying to conceive, but one of the most obvious reasons for a little extra hunger in your life is the fact that you might be eating for two now rather than just yourself!


Too Much Food the Night before

Have you ever noticed that if you eat a large, blow out meal one evening, you tend to feel even hungrier the next morning? This is usually down to the fact that when we eat lots of carbs in a single sitting, they get absorbed very quickly into the body as sugars. Once those sugars are removed from the blood, over the course of night’s sleep, for example, you will find that you wake up with more food cravings that you started off with last night!



In the lead up to starting a period, your body can through all kinds of stress and change. One of those changes is your appetite. If you have been feeling more hungry than usual lately, then you might want to check your calendar too see if your menstrual cycle is nearly ready for another loop.



Hunger is one of your body’s natural reactions to feelings of stress. It all goes back to the fight or flight response in us, as ancient humans would have been motivated to stock up on nutrition if they sensed that their lives were in danger and had to migrate.

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