7 Reasons Why You Should Become Vegetarian ...

By Jennifer

Why become vegetarian, and give up yummy steaks and delicious bacon? There are lots of reasons, and most of them are related to health: your health, the Earth’s health, even the health of your food budget. I’m not a militant or “pushy” vegetarian, but I have to say, I’m always eager to tell people how much money I save by not eating meat, and how marvelous it feels to know my heart’s a little healthier, too. Here are 7 reasons why you should consider becoming a vegetarian.

1 It’s Animal-friendly

It’s Animal-friendly Without even glancing at the PETA website, I’m sure you already know this: following a meatless diet usually also means following a cruelty-free diet. If you’re an animal lover and advocate, then this is an excellent reason why you might become vegetarian.

2 It’s Earth-friendly

It’s Earth-friendly Did you know that raising cows, pigs, and chicken uses far more water, and causes far more pollution, than raising fruits, grains, and vegetables? If you’re concerned about the environment, then research just how much pollution (ground water and air pollution) is causes annual by just one feed lot. You’ll be shocked. I was!

3 It’s Better for Your Heart

It’s Better for Your Heart Many of the fats found in meats are dreadful for the human coronary system. Following a vegetarian diet has long been known to help prevent heart disease. If you’re not ready to take the meat-less plunge just yet, you can still reap some of the heart health benefits by limiting meat to a couple of times a week.

4 It’s Better for Your Body, in General

It’s Better for Your Body, in General Aside from the negative impact on your heart, did you know that eating a meat-rich diet can also cause digestive and other health problems?

5 It’s Cheaper

It’s Cheaper Take a peek at your last grocery receipt and you’ll notice that meats, especially processed meats, are pricey! Granted, so is fresh produce, especially if it’s out of season, but a vegetarian’s grocery bill is bound to be a lot less, overall, than a meat-eater’s. True story.

6 It Can Help You Look Better

It Can Help You Look Better Want clear skin, a healthy glow, shiny hair, and a slimmer waistline? All of these “looks-related” benefits can also be yours if you follow a vegetarian diet. For example, look at Natalie Portman. Need I say more?

7 It’s Fun to Be Smug

It’s Fun to Be Smug Let’s face it: it’s fun to be smart and smug. When your friends complain about heartburn, constipation, dull skin and hair, or weight gain, you can kindly suggest switching to a full-fledged (or “beginner’s”) vegetarian diet, or, just bask in the glow of knowing something everyone else doesn’t.

So again, I ask: why become vegetarian? At least now you know some of the reasons why you might want to at least try it, or think about it, right? And I didn’t even show you horrible pictures of suffering animals or drought-stricken lands to make my points (I have when PETA does that!). Which of these reasons surprised you? Which do you think might make you try it? Do tell!

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