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There are so many reasons people cheat on their diets, from large restrictions to intense cravings. Diets are hard to stick to, especially if there are many changes you have to make from your routine. People in general crave a schedule and if your daily schedule includes the trip to the bagel store, you have to swap this for a healthier routine. Embodying a healthier lifestyle is the key to success. So are you ready to make these changes? Then read about the reasons people cheat on their diets and how you can combat this:

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Too Restrictive

Low carb, no carb and everything in between has become too restrictive and not realistic. How can you stick to a plan when you have been living your entire life doing the opposite? Is this the realistic way to live? Life in moderation is the ultimate way of living because you can enjoy life’s decadence in a portion controlled way. Being on a too restrictive diet is one of the major reasons people cheat on their diets.



As you see the tray of desserts go by while you are out on the town, and you have an intense craving for a piece of chocolate cake. You are on a diet and giving in to this craving could cause you to fall off of your plan completely, so what should you do? Life can include the occasional piece of cake, so if you feel this craving strongly, share a piece of cake with your friends. A couple of tastes will not break you but depriving yourself could.


Temptation by Your Loved Ones

Your boyfriend or husband says he loves your curves and you are perfect just the way you are. He then serves you a decadent breakfast in bed that includes pancakes, sausage and eggs. Don’t stress, just stick to portion control and if he has a dog, drop your sausage! Life in moderation is a great life worth enjoying.


Holiday Parties

Every week there seems to be a family party, event for a friend, wedding or holiday party, and with this comes many high fat food choices, so what should you do? Eat a big salad before you go to the party and nosh on the healthiest choices in small bites so you will not break your diet. If you show up at the party famished, it is inevitable that you will break your diet.


Old Habits

If every Friday you visit the local buffet with your friends and eat yourself silly, you have some bad habits to break. But you need not worry, you can bring your get together up a notch and enjoy sushi together. Actually sashimi is the best choice because then you can skip the carbs and socialize the skinny way!


Tired of Same Food

If you eat the same meal of egg whites for breakfast every day, you may find yourself feeling food boredom and in much need of a change. Before you stray and take a bite of the doughnut at work, try switching up your breakfast with oatmeal, quinoa and fruit or even Greek yogurt. Variety is the spice of life so switch up your healthy eating so that you can stick to your plan!


Emotional Eating

The same night you and your boyfriend break up, you pig out on pizza and ice cream. Is this a coincidence? Absolutely not, studies show that emotional eating is one of the most common reasons for people to fall off their diets. You can combat this by making your own healthier take on a pizza (whole wheat wrap and skim cheese) and a yogurt smoothie. Or even better, skip the food altogether and get a massage to help you release the tension and focus on yourself!

Now that you are aware of all the reasons people cheat on their diets, are you ready to embrace a healthier lifestyle? Hope you love your new healthier and leaner lifestyle with a lifetime of pure success!

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Some people eat to live whilst others live to eat. I fall into the second category! Makes sticking to a diet tough.

Craving sometimes want to stick a spoon of Nutella and eat it

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