7 Reasons Oranges Are Super-Foods ...


7 Reasons Oranges Are Super-Foods ...
7 Reasons Oranges Are Super-Foods ...

I start almost every day with an orange in some form — orange slices, orange juice, even orange marmalade. There are lots of reasons I love them, too, and at the top of that “I heart oranges list” is the fact that they’re a super-food… why the cape and code name, you ask? Here are 7 reasons oranges are super-foods.

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They’re Delicious!

Aside from another super-food, pomegranates, oranges are my very favorite snack. They’re sweet and tangy and juicy… I love them fresh and peeled, or as juice, or especially as frozen juice… oranges are so yummy! And if you’re worried about that tangy taste giving you a sour stomach from too much acid, it’s okay — there are certain brands of orange juice that are low-acid.


They’re Inexpensive

Thanks for an incredibly complex infrastructure that works like a charm, oranges from California or Florida are available year-round even here in Michigan, and they’re not even expensive! The mid-winter non-sale price here in Metro Detroit can be as low as 4 navel oranges for one dollar.


They’re Loaded with Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant, encouraging healthy cell replenishment by banishing harmful free radicals… among other things, Vitamin C may help prevent various form of cancer, especially in the digestive tract. Vitamin C may also help boost your immune system.


They Can Be Eaten in so Many Ways

As I mentioned in the first point, there are so many ways you can eat an orange! You can chill it, peel it, and eat it raw. You can drink it as juice or in a smoothie. You can freeze the juice into a slush or Popsicle. You can even bake it!


They Contain a Little Fiber, Too

A large orange contains about 2.4 grams of fiber, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but is actually about 10% of the recommended daily amount of fiber, according to the National Fiber Council. To put that in perspective, that one orange has almost as much fiber as ½ cup of cooked spinach, and more fiber than ½ cup of brown rice!


They’re Low-cal

Since oranges are fat-free, their low calorie count (43 calories in one large orange) are mostly from fiber and from natural sugar, which helps your brain function. This tasty, sweet orange isn’t empty calories, so feel free to indulge!


They Make You Happy!

A recent scientific study has shown that just the scent of an orange makes people happy… which, in my view, is another reason it’s a super food! Another study has shown the scent of oranges can even calm violent criminals. A food that can improve your mood and take the edge off before you even eat it? Marvelous!

With oh-so-many reasons oranges are super, why wouldn’t you want to eat one? I know I can’t keep my greedy little hands off of them… do oranges make your list of super-foods, or are they more of an arch-nemesis? Why? Please share!

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I eat 3 a day..i have this weird habit i must have an orange before drinking coffee..if im out, i buy orange juice and take a sip before my coffee

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