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A plant-based diet is the answer to more health concerns than one can imagine. Aside from ethical issues, health is the number one reason more people are choosing a plant-based diet than ever before. Animal production has increased over the last twenty years and guess what else has? Diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity, high-cholesterol, and cancer- that’s what. Just choosing more plant-based foods whenever possible can make a huge difference in your health. Take a look at the positive changes you’ll see in your body on a plant-based diet, all in just a month!

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Less Fatigue

Animal foods are incredibly hard for the body to digest, so opting for a plant-based diet is one of the easiest and most effective ways to gain more energy quickly. Your body can easily assimilate plant-based foods because they’re full of vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein, and natural sugars that your body needs for energy production. Plus, regardless of what most people think, you can get all the iron you need for energy from beans, legumes, greens, seaweed, nuts, seeds, and even raw cacao.


Healthier Blood Sugar

Animal foods have been linked to higher blood glucose levels than most all whole food plant sources. You should still stay away from processed grains and sugar but overall, a plant-based diet actually improves your blood sugar in between meals more than animal foods do.


Strong Bones

Here’s a thought for you: the calcium in milk is actually removed during processing for pasteurization and the milk is then fortified afterwards. So you’re really not consuming a healthier source of calcium from dairy milk like you think. Plus, milk’s high acidity causes the body to leach calcium, which contributes to osteoporosis. A cup of collard greens has 350 milligrams of calcium, while a cup of pasteurized milk only has 250 milligrams. Non-dairy milk like almond milk and soy milk are also fortified with up to 50% more than dairy milk. Your bones will get all the calcium they need from plants, so nix the dairy and do yourself a favor.


Lower Cholesterol

It’s been found that individuals on a plant-based diet lower their cholesterol by over half in just one month. One egg has twice the amount of cholesterol as a fast food hamburger, saturated fats, and less than half the protein than a cup of beans. Chicken, dairy, and fish are also just as high in cholesterol as meat. Plants have virtually no cholesterol and they actually contain properties that help reduce cholesterol.


Weight Loss

Go on a plant-based, whole foods diet if you want to lose weight- it works! Plants in their whole form are prime fuel for your body. While not everyone can go vegan, at least opt for vegetarian fare as much as possible. You’ll not only lose weight but you can also forget about having to count calories so long as you eat mostly veggies, fruits, beans, and legumes. Nuts and seeds are also great but since they’re heavy in fat, still mind your portions as much as possible.


Fewer Allergies

Many people find as soon as they drop dairy and eggs from their diet, their allergy sensitivities improve dramatically. Since dairy and eggs are highly allergenic, they can cause excess mucus production that leads to post-nasal drip, watery eyes, mild headaches, mucus in the stools, and constant sniffling throughout the day. Choose nondairy milk as an easy swap for regular milk and nix the yogurt, cheese, and eggs while you’re at it.


Better Digestion

We all know plants have one thing in common- fiber. That’s right, friends, fiber is your friend for so many reasons, with digestion being one of the most important. Fiber keeps you regular, it helps you lose weight, it battles bloat, and keeps you fuller longer.

If you need proof of the benefits of a plant-based diet, check out some of the links below and find out how you can change your health just by eating more plants. Remember, perfection isn’t the goal- progress is. Do you eat a plant-based diet? What benefits did you see occur as a result?

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I find myself eating more when I don't eat meat. Also I feel less energetic without meat

I've been a vegan for six months now and I've lost 69 pounds! I also did not have horrible seasonal allergies like I always do from January through March. It's been great! My energy levels have also never been higher! Great article.

@stephanie that is great ! 69 pounds is a lot. Congrats!

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