7 of the Worst Ingredients to Avoid Putting in Your Smoothie if Weight Loss is Your Goal ...


As someone who raves about smoothies and makes them often, I always like to give a few tips to avoid the worst smoothie ingredients possible for your health, and especially if you’re looking to lose weight. I personally do not use smoothies to lose weight, but know many people that do. I agree that whole food smoothies are much better than liquid diets that are lacking in whole foods, vitamins and minerals, but if you’re going to watch your weight while drinking smoothies, be sure you aren’t using the worst smoothie ingredients possible. Many people make the mistake of using ingredients they might see in a smoothie recipe online or in a magazine, etc. While these might taste good, they might not be the best for your waistline!

1. Sugar


Sugar in any processed form is one of the worst smoothie ingredients to use of all. Avoid all juices in smoothies, even if they are 100% fruit juice. These are not healthy sources of fruit and they’ll only hinder your weight loss goals. If you’re using powders, like superfoods, protein powders, or even nondairy milks and yogurts etc., look to be sure refined sugars or sugars like evaporated cane juice, cane syrup, cane solids, brown rice syrup, molasses, etc. aren’t being added. While some of these are not as bad as others, they are all calorically the same as sugar, and will raise your blood sugar just like the white stuff, along with hinder your weight loss.

Too Much Fruit
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