13 Nutritionalists on Instagram Taking Our World by Storm with Intuitive Eating ...


13 Nutritionalists on Instagram Taking Our World by Storm with Intuitive Eating ...
13 Nutritionalists on Instagram Taking Our World by Storm with Intuitive Eating ...

Takeaway: Who are the best nutritionalists on Instagram?

Intuitive eating involves getting tuned in to your hunger cues so that you can stay at a healthy weight and still enjoy eating. These nutritionists are taking the Instagram world by storm and are sharing all of their expertise and knowledge about intuitive eating. If you want to give this a try and get healthy once and for all, any of these great Instagrammers, shared with us by Brit.co, will help you stay on track. Enjoy!

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dish, food, curry, cuisine, produce, Kylie Mitchell is a dietitian and blogger who aims to help you feel at ease in your natural body size and with your daily food choices. TBH, any nutritionist that has room on their plate for mac and cheese is A-okay in our book.


dish, food, tostada, cuisine, produce, Anne Mauney, MPH, RD, leads an active life full of hiking, yoga, and world travel. You’ll find that she shares a plethora of anti-diet meals on her Instagram, including this nutrition-packed jackfruit taco for taco Tuesday.


food, dish, salad, cuisine, produce, Alexis Joseph recently shared an inspiring (and hilarious) post about enjoying Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappuccino and why we shouldn’t feel guilty about it. Now that’s the type of inspo the world needs.


food, dish, produce, cuisine, vegetable, Life isn’t perfect and you shouldn’t expect your diet to be that way. New York-based nutritionist Robyn Coale uses her Instagram to share her meals (even when it’s Chipotle) and inspirational quotes that’ll always make you feel better.


food, dish, breakfast sandwich, veggie burger, hamburger, Registered dietician nutritionist Stacey Mattinson gets the same burger cravings you do. One of her ‘grams shows you how to enjoy one of your favorite meals healthily by using lean ground sirloin, lots of veggies, and a whole wheat bun.


dish, food, produce, cuisine, fish, This veggie-loaded plate by Mia Syn deserves all the heart-eyes emojis. Not only does it have a gorgeous kale salad with shredded golden beets, kohlrabi, red cabbage, and arugula, but there’s also a generous helping of crispy cauliflower crust pizza on the side.


food, plant, fruit, produce, land plant, Rachael Hartley is a girlboss dietitian with a private practice in South Carolina, but it’s her blog, where she shares drool-worthy recipes like these avocado sushi cups, that we heart most.


food, dish, plant, produce, fruit, How gorgeous are these strawberry spring rolls by Emily Kyle? She’s all about self-love and body positivity, so you’ll only find bright and happy messages on her page.


food, dish, cuisine, produce, seafood, If you want major wanderlust mixed with serious food envy, follow Abigail Kinnear immediately. Between epic sushi burritos and the occasional In-N-Out Burger, this nutritionist isn’t afraid to embrace what her body craves.


food, dish, cuisine, spaghetti, produce, If you feel like having a laugh and seeing incredible daily smoothies, definitely check out Tawnie Kroll’s Instagram stories. On top of that, you’ll find a healthy mix of classic pasta and acai bowls on her beautiful feed.


food, dish, meal, produce, breakfast, Cookbook author and blogger extraordinaire Christal Sczebel serves up a plethora of healthy sweet and savory goodies on her Insta. Clear your schedule, because you’re going to be scrolling for a while, looking at all of her delectable energy balls and the occasional chicken wing.


wine glass, food, stemware, red wine, drink, If you’re looking for some serious Instagram aesthetic goals, take one look at Kaleigh McMordie’s profile. Just a warning, the skillet Texas sheet cake and vibrant salads may trigger some serious food FOMO.


food, dessert, chocolate brownie, chocolate truffle, chocolate, May Zhu is a dietetic intern in Chicago on the road to becoming a registered dietitian. If her chic athleisure street style isn’t enough to get you to follow, her well-rounded meal choices should be.

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