7 Low-Cal Coffee Drinks ...


7 Low-Cal Coffee Drinks ...
7 Low-Cal Coffee Drinks ...

If you’re a coffee lover who’s trying to diet, you’ll be thrilled to see this list of my favorite low-cal coffee drinks. There’s something on my list for everyone, black coffee drinkers and fr0ufrou coffee lovers alike. Where does your favorite coffee drink fall on my list? Let’s find out! Here are 7 low-cal coffee drinks (one for every day of the week), listed lowest-cal to highest, based on a 16-ounce serving size.

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Black Coffee, No Sweetener

Calories: 0
That’s right: plain black coffee, without sweetener, contains zero calories, earning it the top spot on my list of low-cal coffee drinks for a very good reason! Your 16-ounce serving of black coffee contains about 200 milligrams of caffeine, too, so it’s something of an appetite suppressant. Win!


Café Au Lait

Calories: 70
If you like steamed milk in your coffee, opt to have it skim, without whipped cream. Follow that tip and your favorite coffee drink will have fewer calories than you think… and almost half of them are from protein, so this coffee drink is pretty guilt-free!



Calories: 80
If made with nonfat, skim milk, a classic unflavored cappuccino contains fewer calories than you might think. Skip calories on your cappuccino, and you can splurge a little on your favorite biscotti! Or make it with 2% milk, for a slightly richer experience, and add another 40 calories.


Salted Caramel Latte

Calories: 177
If you’ve been dying to try the salted caramel trend, but were afraid to wreck your diet, no worries. Order it with skim milk and reduced-calorie syrup, but without the whipped cream, and your trendy coffee drink will still be diet-friendly. Add the whipped cream and full-calorie syrup for another 150 calories.


Caffè Vanilla Frappuccino® Light

Calories: 180
Starbucks Frappuccinos are very popular, and with good reason: they’re delicious! Order it “light,” and it’s just as tasty as the full-calorie version, with less than half the calories. It’s such a marvelously chilly summer drink, and it won’t ruin your diet!


Butter Bear

Calories: 200
When ordered with skim milk, reduced calorie syrup, and without whipped cream, Michigan-based Biggby Coffee’s signature drink, the Butter Bear, only contains 200 calories. If you can’t do without the whipped cream and full-calorie syrup, add another 150 calories. This is my personal favorite coffee drink... I love a low-cal Butter Bear!


Mint Mocha

Calories: 216
If your favorite coffee drink is a mint mocha latte, it is possible to order a low-cal version. Ask for it to be made with non-fat milk, reduced-calorie (or sugar free) mint and chocolate syrups, and without whipped cream. Add the whipped cream and sugary syrup, and you’ll add 115 calories.

With so many tasty coffee drinks to choose from, none of which will destroy your diet, you don’t have to bow out of the book club meeting or avoid the coffee shop, just because you’re dieting! Remember, too, that moderation is key, especially when dieting, so feel free to indulge in the full-calorie versions of your favorite coffee drinks every once in a while, perhaps as a treat. Which of these low-cal coffee drinks is your favorite? Or is there another “skinny” coffee drink I ought to try? Do let me know… I love trying new coffee drinks, especially low-cal lattes!

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