7 Best Low-calorie Cocktails ...

By Sugar

When you’re out for a night on the town with your friends and you are dieting, things can be a little tough, and picking out the right low-calorie cocktails isn’t easy if you don’t know where to look. Luckily I’ve compiled a list of the 7 best low-calorie cocktails for those nights when you just want to have fun but you don’t want to lose your figure.

1 Rum and Diet Coke

What most people fail to realize is that the majority of everyday sweets can actually be prepared using alternative ingredients for those dieting. Case in point: Diet Coke. When it comes to low calorie cocktails, your daily alternatives still manage to sneak their way in, and in fact they can contribute to making a very tasty low calorie alternative to the average weight-gaining alcoholic beverage. To reduce calorie intake even more, consider adding more Diet Coke and less alcohol: you’ll still fit right in with the rest of the nightly bar-goers with your trendy low calorie cocktail.

2 Coconut Milk and Gin with a Splash or Seltzer

Fruit generated milks are the newest trend in dieting, and keeping them in your round of low calorie cocktails will ensure that this health food trend won’t go away and become just another dieting fad. Coconut milk is known to be one of the healthiest elixirs on planet Earth, so why not mix it in with some alcohol during a night of dancing? If anything the coconut milk and gin may in fact leave you with some medicinal properties when you’re trying to avoid a hangover, and it will certainly combat any nutritional deficiencies you are fighting for the time being. The optional splash of seltzer gives this low calorie cocktail a much needed kick!

3 A Hot Toddy

I know this isn’t really considered a cocktail, but it’s so delicious and health conscious, it needed to be on this list. It’s the perfect after work or dinner drink during the cold winter months. To save calories and fat, mix chai tea, and a half-shot of whiskey, a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of lemon juice to create the best low calorie alcoholic beverage or dare I say it, cocktail!

4 Tequila over Ice with Two Limes

This is stripping a high calorie cocktail margarita to its bare bones. And it really is just as good if not better! This refreshing alternative will keep you up to speed with the rest of the crowd while you’re relaxing during happy hour.

5 Red Wine Spritzer

The oldest of wine and sparkling soda combinations is actually the healthiest and contains the lowest caloric intake of them all. Red wine has been proven to also be heart healthy so again this is a low calorie cocktail that may actually end up being good for you... and it’s tasty!

6 Blueberry-Lime Margarita

This fruity recipe contains anti-oxidant properties and may even take you back to a tropical vacation you once enjoyed. It’s colorful and actually half the calories of a traditional frozen margarita. Don’t be stingy on the blueberry nectar, limeade and lime juice to create a delicious and fruitful low calorie cocktail.

7 Strawberry – Coconut Daiquiri with Almond Milk

This unique combination is a new twist on an old recipe. If you need a refreshing tropical getaway in the middle of your bustling evening, try this fruity but wholesome cocktail guaranteed to keep you at your current jean size or lower. Don’t forget the coconut flavored rum to add some alcohol to this mix, but feel free to dilute it with some low-calorie vanilla or original flavored almond milk. This is the perfect low calorie cocktail for people who love to try new things! You won’t regret trying this concoction.

Some people say low-calorie cocktails will never match up to the real thing, but these are 7 new ideas that are the most conducive to a successful dieting plan. Especially for ladies who like to go out despite their limiting diets! Have you ever tried these before and lost weight?

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