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Juicing or Blending Which is Better for Detox? Find out Here ...

By Lydia

Have you ever considered doing a detox? Better still have you ever considered or ever completed a juice detox? There is an abundance of authorities on the subject of the juice detox, and they waffle on about facts and figures, but nobody really answers my questions properly enough – for me anyway.

Let’s face it, doing any detox is hard work and the first two days are just nasty. I was grumpy, exhausted, miserable, and had a headache from hell that wasn’t even caused by drinking my body weight in cocktails – which it felt like it should be. So, when I am doing these detox diets, I like to know that I am choosing one that is the best for my body, as I certainly don’t feel like repeating it in a hurry.

But is juicing or blending better for a detox? Juicing provides us with a product that is a pure, raw energy booster, giving the body everything it needs, while reducing the workload of the digestive system because the juicing process is able to remove the fibre from vegetables and fruits.

On the other hand, blended drinks aka smoothies, are processed to include all the fibre in the fruit and vegetables used, which means although we are detoxing, our digestive system is still working hard. On the plus side, because of the fibre, smoothies are more filling, keep our digestive system regular, help maintain blood sugar levels, and although it may slow the digestive process down a bit, the added fibre does an excellent job of helping to eliminate toxins in the body.

I use both blends and juices during my detox. Smoothies are perfect for those days when I need a proper meal to see me through but don’t really have time (or the inclination) to prepare one. On the days I need an instant pick me up, I opt for the pure, raw juice option for an immediate boost of energy. A pure, just produced, juice drink is also great as a post-workout recovery drink that doesn’t leave me feeling bloated.

So, in answering the question, what’s better for detoxing, it’s neither. Both juices and blended drinks have their advantages and benefits. There are times when one is more suitable than the other but both have their place in a detox.

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