Instagram Food Inspos for Girls Who Want to Eat More Salads ...


Instagram Food Inspos for Girls Who Want to Eat More Salads  ...
Instagram Food Inspos for Girls Who Want to Eat More Salads  ...

Salad is a healthy choice as long as you pile your bowl with low-calorie and nutrient dense veggies, legumes, cheese and other extras. In fact, salad is a great meal because you can mix and match the ingredients to create new and delicious combinations all the time. That will keep you from getting bored with your salad and giving in to the drive-thru. If you need some motivation to get you in the salad frame of mind, any of these Instagram accounts should do the trick.

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Insta Salads

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If you need new salad ideas, you are definitely going to find them here. There are hundreds of posts featuring gorgeous salads that are healthy and loaded with flavor. Not only will looking at all these salads make you want to make one for yourself, but the beautiful pictures will give you all kinds of new ideas in terms of ingredients you can try on your salad.


Best Salads

produce, food, dish, meal, vegetable, @bestsalads
We all want the best salad there is, right? This account is definitely one you want to follow then. There are so many salad posts that you’ll have a hard time deciding which one you want to copy first. Each salad is lovelier than the next and the ingredients are fresh and delicious while also being nutritious. You are going to have so many new ideas that you may never have thought of on your own.



produce, food, dish, vegetable, salad, @salads4thesoul
If you want salad that feeds the soul, start following this Instagram account right now. It’s updated by a former sweets lover who embraced the salad as a healthy lifestyle choice. If you’re trying to do the same, you’ll find a kindred spirit here. The salads are glorious and will keep you from feeling deprived when you’re eating something that’s good for your body and soul.


Everyday Salads

food, dish, salad, produce, meal, @everydaysalads
If you want salads that you can whip up for any day of the week, you’ll find them here. Each of these salads are super simple, but look like you slaved for hours making them. You’ll find fruit salads and veggie salads so you can create an easy meal for any time of the day. Once you get a load of the salads on this account, you’ll never go back to any other meal.


Salad Porn

food, dish, meal, salad, produce, @saladporn
Do you love eyeing delicious salads? Me too! This account lets you look at actual salads, as well as single ingredients that will inspire you to try new things in your salad every day. From ultra simple to a bit more gourmet, there is all sorts of salad inspiration on this one. You’ll never be sorry when you start following it.


Salad Collection

produce, dish, food, meal, vegetable, @saladcollection
Start following this Instagram and you’ll have a brand new collection of tasty salads to keep you satisfied and excited when lunchtime comes around. The great thing about salads is that you can whip one up the night before and it’s all ready when you need a meal at noon. If you’re in a salad rut, you’re going to find just what you need to get out of it here on this account.


Healthy Salad Recipes

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The whole reason why you want to eat more salads is because they are healthy, right? The ideas here are packed with vitamins and minerals, they look heavenly, and they taste great too. There are so many tasty choices that you could have trouble deciding which one you want to eat today?

What’s your favorite kind of salad? What other accounts would you add to the list?

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