7 Important Reasons to Steer Clear of Low Carb Diets ...


Low carb diets are just one of many popular diets that people can choose from when they are looking to lose weight. Often, when people follow low carb diets they will be limited to as little as 20 grams of carbohydrates a day, which means they are typically getting about 8 percent of their calories from carbohydrates. Considering that most health experts recommend anywhere from 45 to 65 percent of calories come from carbohydrates, this is alarmingly low. Carbohydrates are a very important macronutrient that help with fat metabolism and provide energy to every cell in your body. If your body does not get enough carbohydrates it cannot function properly and you can begin to develop health problems, which is why you should avoid low carb diets.

1. Ketones

When carbohydrate consumption falls below 100 grams your body begins to burn the glycogen, stored glucose, in your muscles for energy. On a low carb diet you will quickly run out of glycogen and your body will start burning fat for energy. At first glance, this seems like a good thing. However, before your body can burn fat for energy it has to turn it into glucose, which is extremely inefficient. The process of turning fat into sugar produces ketones and puts your body in a ketogenic state. When your body is in a ketogenic state your breath will start to smell sweet and you begin to feel tired. You will also feel lightheaded, develop headaches, and feel nauseous, none of which are pleasant. Because of how sick low carb diets can make you feel due to the ketones your body produces, it is best to avoid low carb. The only caveat to this is that ketogenic diets are useful in treating epilepsy. However, treating epilepsy is the only reason a person should eat a low carb diet.

Blood Sugar Problems
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