How to Eat Healthy πŸ₯— without 🚫 Counting πŸ”’ Calories ...


If you are looking for ways to try and get healthy and in shape, then it’s pretty safe to assume that one of the first things you looked in to was calorie counting. On a basic level, calorie counting can be an effective way to keep tabs of your daily food intake without going overboard, but there are definitely some healthy eating nuances and vitals that can be missed when all you are doing is counting the number of calories on a package and not looking at the nutritional value. Here is how to eat healthy without counting calories.

1. Ditch Sugar

Rather than counting calories, you should put your focus into cutting back and completely cutting out added sugars, refined grains and processed foods instead. After cutting these types of foods out, you are left with options that, although not super low in calories, will have all of the fibre and protein that will help you to stay feeling full and avoid snacking all day.

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