How High Fibre 🥦 Foods Can Prevent 🚫 Overeating 🍽 ...


One of the common causes of diet failure is not feeling full enough and simply needing to or wanting to eat more food. Any low fat, low calorie diet therefore that can alleviate hunger or delay it for longer is beneficial and more likely to succeed. High fibre foods keep you fuller for longer.

1. An Introduction to Fibre and High Fibre Foods

Foods with a low glycaemic index which means their carbohydrates release energy more slowly is one of the ways of staving off hunger pangs for longer and so are foods that have a high fibre content. Fibre is practically indigestible material mainly found on the outer layers of plants. This form of carbohydrate requires a lot of the body’s energy to try and break down its nutrients so the body can use them. As the fibre is highly resistant to these metabolic processes, foods with a high fibre content are often found to be negative calorie foods – i.e. they take more energy to process than the calorific value they provide. High fibre foods not only address the issue of feeling fuller for longer, but they are also fat burning foods.

About Fibre
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