This is How Soda Makes You Gain Weight for Girl Who Just Can't Quit ...


This is How Soda Makes You Gain Weight for Girl Who Just Can't Quit ...
This is How Soda Makes You Gain Weight for Girl Who Just Can't Quit ...

No doubt, we’ve all seen the Coke video that took social media by storm. If that hasn’t convinced you to kick your soda habit, what if you found out that soft drinks can make you pile on the pounds? Many women fail to factor in their liquid calories, but that’s a big mistake because those unaccounted for calories can really make the number on the scale go up. Here’s how soda contributes to weight gain.

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Soda Has a Ton of Calories

You know that taking in too many calories can cause weight gain, right? A can of soda averages about 150 calories, which really adds up if you drink more than one every day. If you go for the Super Big Gulp, you can probably assume you’re getting about 1,000 extra calories. Switching to water saves you tons of calories and helps you control your weight. What better reason do you need?


There’s a Lot of Sugar in Regular Soda

Unless you’re drinking diet soda (which has its own set of health issues), you get quite a bit of sugar in a can of soda. In fact, many varieties have more sugar in one serving than you need in an entire day. Scary, isn’t it? Sugar translates to calories, which is why it can lead to weight gain.


It Replaces Healthy Beverage Options

When you get thirsty, a soda can certainly quench that feeling. However, once your thirst is satisfied, you miss out on the health benefits of other beverage choices. For example, tea contains a wealth of antioxidants, which can help fight health issues like heart disease and cancer. When you drink soda instead, you can’t reap those rewards. Other healthier choices include coffee, water or 100% fruit juice (in moderation).


Soda Can Take Care of Hunger, Which Isn’t Good

Need an afternoon pick-me-up? Don’t we all! When you reach for a soda, you get a dash of energy from the sugar it contains. However, you don’t get any vitamins or minerals and you do get way too much sugar. Many women avoid snacks for fear of gaining weight, but the truth is that an actual food snack is a way better option. Have a piece of fruit and you get some natural sugar and fiber to help keep you full until your next meal.


It Promotes Other Unhealthy Choices

When I have a Dr. Pepper, I always want a bag of nacho cheese Doritos to go with it. Who doesn’t, right? For many people, soda goes with another unhealthy food (Taco Bell, anyone?), which leads to weight gain. You might be surprised to find that when you cut the soda, you stop craving the other junk food.


It Gets to Be Sort of an Addiction

When I drink a soda every single day, I crave one every day. I recently made the decision to restrict myself to one soda on Sundays. That way I get to have a favorite now and then, but I don’t crave one all the time. It really works! Drinking soda sets you up for a cycle that can easily lead to weight gain if you aren’t careful.


Even Diet Soda Will Make You Fat

Don’t even think that you can switch to diet soda and avoid weight gain. Research shows that when you chug the diet stuff, your body thinks it’s getting something sugary, but when that doesn’t actually happen, you start to crave sugary junk. Which, as you know will lead to weight gain. Plus, there’s some evidence that artificial sweeteners pose health risks. Choose water instead!

How much soda do you drink? Does this info make it easier to cut back and avoid weight gain?

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I Love Coca Cola and feel Fat after drinking it.

I love Coca Cola I drink it everyday :I hard to stop when you crave one everyday.

Walmart, target, Costco anywhere Kroger and Tom Thumb have off brands too!

I honestly can't stand soda. The strong acids make my eyes water and kinda burns my throat. Just came to see what I'm avoiding by not ever drinking it

I used to drink multiple cans a day but cut back and replaced it with sweet tea. Albeit not the healthiest alternative but still I've noticed a significant loss of weight.

Making smoothies or drinking water is much yummier and has so many health benefits. Try to not drink soda for 21 days and see if u are still addicted to it

My name is Tanyah and I'm addicted to Pepsi.

I used to drink coke every meal and I drastically gained weight.  I had to stay away from soda and drank water instead of flavored drinks.

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