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You constantly hear trainers, nutritionists and doctors preach that the best diet is mini meals throughout the day, but what the heck does this mean and how will you benefit? Hearing constant jargon can have your mind in a knot as you try to comprehend exactly what this means, and you are not alone. So many misconstrue what the general public discusses because they just don’t know how to do it right. But let out a great sigh of relief because I am here as your trainer, nutritionist and coach to help you lose weight and feel better by eating mini meals throughout the day! Let’s better our lives together one mini meal at a time!

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Boost Your Metabolism

Mini meals throughout the day can rev your metabolic rate and turning your body into a fat burning machine. So pack healthy snacks and graze on 5-6 mini meals throughout the day. This will make your meals more easily digestible and your food choices will reflect with a drop on the scale!


Avoid Mood Swings

Have you ever noticed your mood turn after you ingest a large meal? Well you are not alone, we all feel this way. You may feel lethargic or just plain old cranky. Never feel these mood swings by choosing mini meals that will make you just feel better!


Feel Lighter

Consuming a buffet of food will cause you to unbutton your pants and rethink your next meal. Eating 3 larger meals is just plain unhealthy. So enjoy smaller meals, eat more often throughout the day and feel lighter as a result!


Have More Energy

If you want more energy stop boggling yourself down with a large meal. Don’t treat each day like thanksgiving and enjoy mini meals that will produce a surge of energy. Never feel lifeless like you are going to burst from overeating ever again! And eat tiny meals scheduled through your day!


Avoid over Eating

If you eat on a schedule with smaller meals you may find yourself feeling better and not thinking about your next meal. You will avoid over eating and just feel incredible. Who knew that eating smaller meals could have such a positive effect on your life!


Lose Weight

As you eat lighter and more frequently you may be amazed with the outcome, the number on the scale begins to drop and even your health markers improve. All because you bettered your health by choosing the right foods throughout the day like fruits, veggies, eggs, chicken and salad. Small choices like this add up to make an incredible difference on the scale.


Sleep More Soundly

Never toss and turn again because you had small, easily digestible meals. Larger meals can put your body in overdrive having to work harder to aid in digestion. Whereas smaller meals you will hit the hay and get some much needed REM sleep. So sleep like a baby, slim down and feel better because of the mini meals that you chose to eat throughout the day!

So with all these reasons to eat smaller and more frequently throughout the day, you know the right thing to do. So plan in advance to see the super success that you deserve. And live a healthier and happier life!

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It's a good piece of information but you haven't mentioned what to be eaten ? X

Every time you eat you release insulin, unless it's low/ zero carb and not too much protein, and insulin is the ONLY fat storing hormone in the body. So the more eating sessions you have, the more insulin is leaked into the blood to mop up the glycogen. Not a good idea unless you want type two diabetes !!!

I agree Tara 😀

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