8 Healthy High Fat Foods You Needn't Avoid ...


If you’re eating a low fat diet, and find yourself starving or always eating, you’ll be happy to know there are certain healthy high fat foods that can actually prevent you from overeating and help you lose weight. Most people on low-fat diets are cranky, starved or end up breaking their diet in no time. Low-fat diets also usually mean eating more high glycemic carbohydrates, which the body ends up storing as fat. Your body needs healthy high fat foods to function, to lose weight and to keep your mood and blood sugar stable. Here are 8 healthy high fat foods that will help you lose or maintain your weight. Don’t fear fat, it will help you stay on track and learn to eat healthy for life instead of living a life of dieting.

1. Avocados

Perhaps one of the best healthy high fat foods is avocados. If you don’t like avocados, then keep trying them in different ways until you do. These babies are loaded with Vitamin E, B vitamins, moderate amounts of protein, folate, magnesium, fiber and healthy fats that actually prevent harmful fats from being digested in your body. They are a wonderful food for your liver as well and can actually be detoxifying as they help remove harmful agents from the body through the liver’s detoxification system. Try chopping one up in a salad, add one in a smoothie for a creamy texture, or top your omelet with half of one. The fats in avocados have been proven to shrink belly fat and aid in an overall healthy eating plan. They are also excellent for your heart, skin and mood.

Coconut Oil
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