7 Healthy Fast Foods to Opt for ...


Healthy Fast Foods may seem hard to find, but if you know how to count calories, and what to avoid, they are out there! While it's best to avoid typical fast foods when you can, I know that's neither practical nor logical. Sometimes, you just have to get a quick meal! For every one of your favorite fast food places, there are a couple of healthy fast foods. Don’t believe me? Keep reading! Here are 7 (relatively) healthy fast foods to opt for.

1. McDonald’s Premium Caesar or Asian Salad

Calories per serving: 140

In recent years, McDonald's has actually put a lot of healthy fast foods on its menu, although with the standard favorites. Still, though, you have to be careful about how you order even the healthy options. For instance, with this choice, if you’re not including the chicken or dousing the salad in dressing, it can be very healthy fast food. It’s also very tasty! I especially like the Asian salad… yum!

Burger King Tendergrill Garden Salad
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