3 Healthy Alternatives to Soda ...


3 Healthy Alternatives to Soda  ...
3 Healthy Alternatives to Soda  ...

There are alternatives to soda! You can quit now for better health!

What are my favorites from the YouTube video?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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Sparkling Water with Lemon

Absolutely my favorite! So simple to make and tastes delicious.



Yuck. My least favorite. I would rather drink the alternative to this called Lemon Berry ACV Drink.


Steaze Iced Green Tea

I have never heard of this name-brand, but am sure going to look into it!

Out of all 3, by far, sparkling water with lemon is the easiest and most economical. Sparkling water may not be cheap, but would you rather pay a little more now for good health, instead of a little more later for bad health?

I hope you found this video to your liking! Here is to drinking for good health!

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