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There are a lot of free online diet plans out there, but «free» doesn’t always mean «good» or «effective.» How can you tell is a free online diet plan is worth using? I can help. I’ve done some digging and made a handy little list with. Here are 7 great free online diet plans, including details on why each one rocks.

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Special K Challenge

Special K Challenge specialk.com
I like the Special K Challenge for so many reasons! First, of course, it’s a free online diet plan… who wants to pay a lot of money for something you can get for free? Second, it really works. It’s not a long-term lifestyle change — can you imagine eating Special K foods twice a day for the rest of your life? — but it can help you get started making those healthy lifestyle changes, and lose a little weight to get you on the right track, fast. There’s even a free mobile app to keep you on the plan anytime, anywhere.


Spark People

Spark People sparkpeople.com
Register with this free online diet plan in just seconds, or login and link it to your Facebook to register even faster. This plan is great because it’s customizable, and because it works… how can something this effective be free? Because Spark People doesn’t use traditional advertising… it works so well that people who use it to make healthy lifestyle changes and lose weight spread the word themselves!



Fitclick fitclick.com
It’s still in the beta stage, but this free online diet plan sounds like it will be everything a diet ought to be: simple to understand and follow, and totally customizable. I think I’ll like the «Community» and «Recipes» sections the best!



FitDay fitday.com
Sign up for a FitDay free online diet plan and use their free diet and weight loss journal to create a goal, track your calories and activities, and see real progress. It’s also in the beta stage, but so far, over 6 million people have signed up for this diet plan! Upgrade to a paid version, or just use the free tools (including a handy app) to get results without paying a fee.


Lifetime Fitness

Lifetime Fitness clubs.lifetimefitness.com
Chances are, there’s a Lifetime Fitness location near you, but did you know that aside from the in-person diet and fitness advice, Lifetime also offers a free online diet plan? There are so many helpful free tools at the Lifetime site… I especially like the success stories from other members. There’s also a link to get a free pass to Lifetime Fitness… sweet!



Atkins atkins.com
While I don’t recommend following the Atkins Diet, for many reasons, they do have a lot of free tools at their website that you can use to educate yourself, to track your progress, and to help you create your own free online diet plan.


Good Housekeeping anti-Aging Diet Plan

Good Housekeeping anti-Aging Diet Plan goodhousekeeping.com
Not all free online diet plans are all about weight loss… this one is about feeling and looking younger! This 7-day plan includes a menu for each meal, each day, including dessert and snacks. I like this plan because it carefully explains why you should consume each item, and how to turn this 7-day diet into a long-term lifestyle adjustment.

With so many great free online diet plans to choose from, one of these has to be perfect for you! I love the last one (who doesn’t want to look and feel younger?) and of course the Special K Challenge, but which of these free online diet plans do you think you’ll like best, and why? Or is there another diet plan you’ve found works, too?

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