Girls Guide to Staying Healthy during Halloween ...


Girls Guide to Staying Healthy during Halloween ...
Girls Guide to Staying Healthy during Halloween ...

Halloween is a fun time of the year. From cooler weather to dressing up, so much comes with it – including candy. If you’re trying to be good and not eat all the sweets, then check out these tips to staying healthy during Halloween!

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Keep It out of Reach

If you don’t see 👀 the candy, you’ll have a harder time eating it! This seems silly, but something as simple as keeping sweets out of your sight can make a big difference for curbing your cravings.


Eat Normally🍽

It may seem like skipping meals or snacks to save room for candy would be a good thing, but no. This will only make you hungrier and more likely to go overboard later. Our tip is to eat your usual meals and eat a healthy dinner before the festivities.


Set Goals✔️

How do you want to feel when Halloween is over? Deciding that you want to come through the season feeling energized is great motivation to not overindulge on the holiday.


Choose Wisely

Instead of all the fun-size treats full of different ingredients you might gravitate towards, try to buy candy that is made with dark chocolate 🍫(which is full of antioxidants and even fiber).



The office might be full of candy, but you can resist the urge to dig in if you make fun treats and bring them in. If you’re in control, then they’re more likely to be healthy. Our suggestions include chocolate covered bananas🍌


Donate Your Leftover Candy

Get rid of the temptation and donate your leftover Halloween candy to make a difference. There are organizations like Operation Gratitude and Operation shoebox that provide soldiers with care packages 📦 and they could always use extra sweets. A win-win.


Make Portions🍬🍭

Instead of keeping candy in a giant bowl, take the time to portion out pieces in Ziploc bags (you can do this by calories). This is a great way to still have a fix while not overdoing it.


Don’t Buy Your Favorites🚫

If you’re handing out Halloween candy and don’t want to be tempted by leftovers, this solution is simple: buy sweets that you don’t like. This way, you won’t even think about indulging because it’s not what you really enjoy.

These are just a few tips to get past this sweet-filled season with little damage to your diet! Candy can be great, but like anything else, in moderation. Have any other tips for us?? Leave them in the comments.

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