9 Foods That Will Give You the Flat Belly You've Always Wanted ...


9 Foods That Will Give You the Flat Belly You've Always Wanted ...
9 Foods That Will Give You the Flat Belly You've Always Wanted ...

Foods for a flat belly, yes! Hope you didn’t think I was joking because you can, in fact, eat your way out of indigestion and achieve a flatter, better-looking tummy… by eating! Ha! Sounds too good to believe? Well, it’s time we start talking about de-bloating foods! Pay attention, lovelies, this knowledge will start paying out immediately. Check out the following list of amazing fruit, veggies and oats, choose your favorite foods for a flat belly for today and start enjoying a flat, undisturbed tummy right now.

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Probiotic Yoghurt

Probiotic Yoghurt Choosing yogurt with active cultures to start your day with is the best thing you can do for your body regardless of whether or not digestive problems deserve a place in your list of woes. It’s the first of many great foods for a flat belly I have in store for you today and, quite frankly, my favorite one, not only because it helps move things along in the food-processing domain but also because it is a great alternative to milk which, for some of us, can actually be the cause of indigestion.


Mint Tea

Mint Tea Refreshing, energizing, great even without sugar and absolutely amazing as ice tea, this popular Pepperminty drink is a the cheapest, fastest and by-far the easiest detox method there is! It will help flush out toxins that are clogging your body and preventing it from working properly, ensuring optimal digestion and a flat tummy you’ll be happy to show off.



Asparagus Unusual but oh-so-very-true, asparagus has all the qualities of a de-bloating food of choice. Water retention, gas, constipation – you can get rid of them all simply by making a choice to include more of this interesting veggie in your diet. Google it, there are tons of great asparagus recipes to be found.



Bananas Indulging in too many sodium-rich foods can lead to bloating, too! And since most foods one can buy these days fall under the category of sodium-rich foods, it’s only fair to presume one’s jeans rarely fit right. Fear not – potassium can help beat the bloating effect sodium has on your body. Have a banana whenever you feel you’ve gone overboard with sodium-rich stuff and watch that puffiness disappear!



Quinoa Speaking about potassium-rich foods – you seriously have to give quinoa a try! This pseudo grain/cereal is gluten-free, easy to digest, rich in proteins and a perfect breakfast choice if you’re looking for a way to cut down on yeasty, bloat-me-now baked goods. It’s the ultimate food for a flat belly, I’m telling you – wait until you try it!


Fennel Seeds

Fennel Seeds Sugar alcohols such as sorbitol and xylitol will bloat you, too! And if you’re a fellow chewing gum addict you do understand this is horrible news. Let’s try chewing fennel seeds instead, shall we? These sweet seeds taste like anise, are a natural breath freshener and aid digestion! But wait… Fresh breath, no bloating AND faster digestion? How cool is that?



Papaya Say goodbye to indigestion and constipation in one smooth move! Papaya or, even more specifically, its enzymes papain and chymopapain will soothe all of your digestive troubles, helping your body digest food faster and easier, keeping your tummy flat and oh-so-bikini-ready! Give it a try – it may not be one of the best tasting de-bloating foods (at least in my opinion) but it really does make a perfect addition to salads.



Pineapple Speaking about tropical fruit – you’ve got to love pineapple! It’s super tasty, super refreshing and actually happens to contain the same enzymes papaya does, helping your body break down proteins faster and ensuring perfect digestion. Now, I doubt anyone would need a reason to reach for this yummy fruit but, in case you do, you now have a pretty awesome one!



Cucumbers One of the best ways to beat the bloat is to increase your fluid intake! I know it sounds counterproductive but it really helps because water is what makes all of those built up toxins leave our bodies and be on their merry way. But getting all of our much needed water by simply drinking it is incredibly boring, isn’t it? Well, that’s where cucumbers fit it! They are incredibly low in calories, consist almost entirely of water and are super refreshing! Bingo!

Do you have a favorite de-bloating food, lovelies? Let me know which in case you do and do feel free to claim anything on this list in case you don’t! Looking awesome in a new bikini has never been easier!

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Also watermelon is a natural diuretic so it helps you lose the extra belly fat that is from water weight

That was soo HELPFULL!! Thankkk yoou

Not so much specific foods for me as much as avoiding combining foods poorly. But these sound yummy :)

Are their vegan foods that are equivalent to yogurt that are good for your tummy?

Her bathing suit is so cute!!

This was really helpful! I'm on the insanity workout plan and was looking for other eating options

Lol i will try my best

Very helpful

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