7 Food Tricks to Get a Skinny Waist ...


7 Food Tricks to Get a Skinny Waist ...
7 Food Tricks to Get a Skinny Waist ...

If you are looking to lose weight and get a skinny waist, there are some simple tricks you can try. Forget complicated fad diets and instead stick to facts and what you already know to be true. Put simply, the best way to lose weight is to have a healthy diet full with fruit and vegetables and do more exercise. Here are 7 tricks to help you get a skinny waist.

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Try Being a Pescetarian

Once a year I give up meat and become a pescatarian; meaning I still eat fish and diary, so not a full vegetarian. This step away from meat is really just to help me cut out eating so much processed meat, and making unhealthy food choices. This easy food swap means saying goodbye to sausages, meat feast pizzas and BBQ Ribs; and with it opens the door to more thoughtful food choices and a skinnier waist.


Eat 5 a-day

We should all be eating 5 fruit and vegetable portions each day. I know sometimes this seems like an impossible task but by switching to eat more natural produce you will not only feel better and have zonks more energy but your skin will glow too.


Eat Slow Releasing Carbs

Often when people choose to lose weight they are petrified of eating carbohydrates and stop eating them, but choosing to do so is often false economy. Instead of cutting out carbohydrates completely opt for slow releasing carbohydrates that fill you up for longer and stop that bloated feeling you get from refined products. So eat less bread and stick to brown rice and grains.


Drink Hot Water with Lemon

Each morning start the day with a glass of hot water and lemon. It is more refreshing than a tea or coffee and will help to wake up your digestive system from its night time slumber. And the best news is that it’s great for your skin.



Eating yoghurt will make your stomach smile. Say goodbye Buddha belly and hello slim, trim waist. I have no idea how it works, but trust me it does. Eat one plain yoghurt (no added sugar) every day and you will soon notice the difference on your belt buckle.


Fish Are Your Friend

Eating oily fish has been proven to boost your brain power, improve your skin and help increase fat burning. A good source of nutrients, fish will fill you up and still make you feel fab. Just remember to buy sustainable fish to help to save the planet.


Shake It up

Finally always remember to shake up your diet. I love food and think eating is an important part of the day to be enjoyed. Switching up your diet helps you to eat a wider variety of nutrients and vitamins and is more enjoyable than eating the same beige food every day. So next time you are in a food rut, pull out a cookbook and try something new.

Hopefully my seven points to getting a skinny waist has helped you refocus your ideas on dieting. I think the healthiest thing to do is to stop worrying about all the foods you should be eating and instead concentrate on the good things you should be eating more of. What tricks have you tried on your mission to getting a skinny waist?

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How does diary taste? I guess there are a lot of carbs!

It's not only that it feels impossible to be eating 5 fruits a day. But expensive :(

I am a pescatarian and I have seen results even though I didn't give up meat for dietary reasons

I'm so trying the hot water and lemon.

Typo dont*

Great! V helpful !!!

I'm going to try these tips today:)

Vegitarian scan still eat dairy,are you thinking of a vegan?

The water with lemon definitely works! I dint drink it hot though, I drink it room temp with a splash of cranberry juice!

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