Follow These Tips to Make Your Takeout Healthier ...


Sometimes calling for takeout is the only thing that saves a long and stressful day. While there’s nothing wrong with not cooking dinner and letting the closest Chinese deliver your meal, eating out too often isn’t good for your health. Restaurant food is often very high in fat, calories or salt and are loaded with fat and calories. If you’re going to dial the local pizza or Thai place, use these tips to keep things healthy.

1. Check out the Restaurant’s Website

Many restaurants post their nutrition information on the website. This allows you to peruse your options and see which items align with your goals. You can preview the fat content, how many calories a meal contains and what nutrients it offers. If you decide on a healthy choice before you pick up the phone, you can easily ensure that a healthy meal is delivered right to your door.

Order Grilled and Steamed Meats and Veggies
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