10 Easy Ways to Diet and Lose Weight ...


Whether you’re just starting a diet, or you’ve hit a plateau, you’re probably looking for easy ways to diet and lose weight — I mean, why make a diet harder than it has to be, right? There don’t have to be all these hard-to-remember rules, or weird foods to eat or to avoid… and I can prove it. Here are 10 easy ways to diet and lose weight.

1. Skip Soda

Check the label and you’ll see it’s true: your favorite soda contains a ridiculously high number of calories in each bottle, usually at least 120. And none of those calories come from anything remotely healthy — they’re all empty, worthless calories, designed only to make you crave more of them. And a recent study from the School of Medicine at The University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio suggests that diet soda can actually contribute to weight gain, rather than weight loss, likely because the artificial sweeteners in it trigger your brain to crave high-calorie foods. The bottom line? Skip soda, lose weight.

Forget Fast Food
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