7 Awesome Organic Snacks to Carry with You ...


7 Awesome Organic Snacks to Carry with You ...
7 Awesome Organic Snacks to Carry with You ...

Check the nutrition label on the back of your favorite crisps or candy, and you’ll be shocked at what’s inside. That’s why I opt for organic snacks — every ingredient is recognizable and pronounceable, and I know they’re all-natural. But some organic snacks are, I’ll admit, kind of odd-tasting, and totally not worth the extra expense. After much experimenting, here’s my list of 7 awesome organic snacks to carry with you, so you can eat them whenever a peckish feeling strikes.

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Arico Sea Salt Cassava Chips

Arico Sea Salt Cassava Chips Price: $2.62 at plummarket.com
These may sound odd, but they’re so delicious! I keep a bag in my desk drawer for late afternoon snack cravings, and I eat them without guilt. They’re rich, so only a small handful will do. I love the taste and texture of the sea salt… you will too!


Glow Cookies Gluten Free Ginger Snap Cookies

Price: $4.50 at plummarket.com
Ginger snaps are so tasty and wholesome, especially these ones… they’re one of my fave organic snacks! These ones are also gluten-free, which means almost anyone can enjoy them. My youngest daughter used to love these when she was little, a perfect after-school snack with a cold glass of milk.


Bare Fruit Organic Granny Smith Apple Dried Fruit

Bare Fruit Organic Granny Smith Apple Dried Fruit Price: $2.37 at plummarket.com
Dried apples are usually red apples, so these sweet-tart dried Granny Smiths are a pleasant change! They’re great for eating on the go, so I take them on hikes for quick energy. An added bonus? They’ll satisfy your craving for something crunchy, and they’re loaded with fiber.


Gerbs Gluten Free Onion & Garlic Pumpkin Seeds

Gerbs Gluten Free Onion & Garlic Pumpkin Seeds Price: $2.45 at plummarket.com
I don’t know why, but these always remind me of autumn. I love eating them with a mug of hot spiced apple cider! I keep some in a baggie in my handbag for salty cravings while I’m out shopping… they’re so good, but wow, do they give you bad breath… make sure you keep a piece of Orbit gum with you, too.


Pop Corners Butter Popcorn Chips

Pop Corners Butter Popcorn Chips Price: $1.80 at plummarket.com
I love buttered popcorn while I’m watching TV or watching a movie, but I’m so worried about what’s in it! Now that I’ve found these popcorn chips, though, I don’t worry a bit. They’re less messy than buttered popcorn and they taste just as good… and they’re a tasty organic snack!


Rabbits Organic Chocolate Banana Bunny Bar

Rabbits Organic Chocolate Banana Bunny Bar Price: $4.50 at plummarket.com
My daughter loves these little bars. She likes the flavor combination of chocolate and banana, and I love them because they’re an all-natural, portable, organic snack. They do tend to get melty if you keep them in the car or in your bag, so be careful.


Dagoba Organic 59% Mint Milk Chocolate Bar

Price: $2.12 at plummarket.com
Oh, chocolate! I especially love chocolate with mint, so this is one organic snack I keep with me at all times. It’s my favorite emergency pick-me-up, and I love that it takes so little (just one tiny piece) to satisfy my craving and perk me up.

After reading my list of organic snacks, are you feeling hungry? I sure am! I’m about to open a bag of the popcorn chips… or maybe the apple chips… hmm… maybe I’ll try something new! Do you have a favorite organic snack you can recommend?

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