Why You Should Eat Several Small Meals Throughout the Day ...


You constantly hear trainers, nutritionists and doctors preach that the best diet is mini meals throughout the day, but what the heck does this mean and how will you benefit? Hearing constant jargon can have your mind in a knot as you try to comprehend exactly what this means, and you are not alone. So many misconstrue what the general public discusses because they just don’t know how to do it right. But let out a great sigh of relief because I am here as your trainer, nutritionist and coach to help you lose weight and feel better by eating mini meals throughout the day! Let’s better our lives together one mini meal at a time!

1. Boost Your Metabolism

Mini meals throughout the day can rev your metabolic rate and turning your body into a fat burning machine. So pack healthy snacks and graze on 5-6 mini meals throughout the day. This will make your meals more easily digestible and your food choices will reflect with a drop on the scale!

Avoid Mood Swings
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