3 Ways to Resist Sweets for Girls Fighting the Temptation ...


3 Ways to Resist Sweets for Girls Fighting the Temptation ...
3 Ways to Resist Sweets for Girls Fighting the Temptation ...

The sad truth for everyone is that sweets are not good for your physical health. If you're here it's because you're looking for ways to resist sweets.

You can’t have a slice of chocolate cake every day. If you do, you will have to face some serious consequences. But sweets can certainly help with your emotional health and for morale purposes, it is good to indulge once in awhile. When I was at the peak of my health, I would have something sugary at least once a week to reward myself after a week of healthy eating. Honestly, I don’t know how I did it since it is difficult for me to go one day without sweets.

But I'll share some ways to resist sweets that have worked for me.

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Don’t Keep Sweets in the House

One of the best ways to resist sweets is to keep them away from you. If you have easy access to sweets, it is extremely hard to keep away. That box of Oreos taunting you isn’t going to help whatsoever. So when you go grocery shopping, don’t buy desserts in big quantities. To fulfill your sweet tooth, buy one donut, candy bar, cookie, or whatever your heart desires that you can eat in one sitting.


Limit Your Options to Restaurant Desserts

Limit your dessert of the week to specialty desserts that are only available at certain restaurants. For me, my favorite restaurant dessert is the Oreo Molten Cake at Chili’s. If I know I’m going to Chili’s later on in the week, I’ll have more incentive to stay away from desserts 'til then. This way I can enjoy my Oreo Molten Cake guilt-free, which is the best way to eat a dessert.


In-House Snack Choices

If you’re the type of person who likes to snack when you’re bored at home, the first tip I listed is one you must truly follow. If you must snack, don’t snack on a box of Chips Ahoy. But don’t go straight to salty snacks as they are just as unhealthy. The best option I found was Act II natural popcorn. It is tasty and very low in calories. This was my main snack as I had a bowl of popcorn every night while I watched a movie.

Try out this method I used and let me know if it works for you too. Also, if you have other tips that could help curb the sweet tooth, please feel free to share in the comments.

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