Genius πŸ’‘ Ways to Outsmart πŸ€“ Your Sweet 🍭🍫 Tooth ...


Do you need some ways to outsmart your sweet tooth? If you are somebody who will always pick sweet over savoury given the chance, then you are well aware of the effects that your sugary tendencies can have on your health! From weight gain to tooth cavities to even more serious things like diabetes, having a sweet tooth is something that can be really hard to fight against. Once you get that urge for something sugary, your body and mind won’t quit until you have satisfied the craving! However, what if I were to tell you that there are ways you can still enjoy sweet tasting things without all of the negative consequences? Here are some suggestions for ways to outsmart your sweet tooth.

1. Healthy Breakfast

This is one of the best ways to outsmart your sweet tooth. If you start your day off by eating a healthy, balanced breakfast, then you will prevent any unwanted blood sugar spikes from happening later on in the afternoon. Try to combine good carbs and fibre with a little bit of protein. A breakfast (or brunch or lunch) of wholegrain toast, poached eggs, and avocado is perfect for maintaining those levels and preventing sugar cravings.

Sweet Spices
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