Foods to Eat πŸ‡πŸŒ½ if You Want to Stay Productive πŸ‘πŸΌ at Work πŸ’° ...


If you spend your morning dreaming of lunch or you hit an afternoon slump at work, it’s generally because you aren’t eating right: it might be what you eat or when you eat. Your brain and body needs fuel to be at its best and for you to function well at your job, so your food choices can have a big impact on your productivity. Here’s how to eat for productive days:

1. Breakfast

When thinking about what to eat to be more productive, breakfast should always be your first port of call. Ideally, the first food you eat for the day should be fruit. You need the complex carbohydrates that contain long chains of sugar molecules that will then be slowly broken down during the day for gradual energy release. Something like a grapefruit or a bowl of berries is perfect. (Many will say protein is the best choice but bear with as this is a full day plan and you’ll see why to leave out the protein).

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