7 Unhealthy Salads to Avoid ...


If you’re on a diet, you probably think you’re doing your body a favor by eating your greens, but did you know that some of these unhealthy salads are so fat-packed and calorie-laden, you might as well be eating a cheeseburger, or worse, a cheeseburger with bacon? Rather than naming specific salads at particular restaurants, I thought it would be more helpful to help you identify unhealthy salads by their tell-tale ingredients. Here are the unhealthiest ingredients that will ruin your perfectly healthy salad. Put down your fork, and let’s take a closer look at your salad!

1. Meat That’s Battered or Fried

It’s an excellent idea to add lean protein to your salad, turning it from a side dish to a full-fledged meal. But adding battered and fried chicken or fish can turn your diet-friendly plate of greens into one of the worst unhealthy salads, one that contains more calories and more fat than a Whopper. No lie. If your salad contains anything battered and/or fried, either order it without, or avoid it altogether.

Fattening Dressing or Mayo
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