10 Tips on How to Eat and Still Be Losing Weight ...


If you’re suffering through some miserable, deprivation-themed diet, you’re probably desperate to figure out how to eat and lose weight. There are only so many times you can eat a grapefruit, and celery sticks do not a diet make. So how can you eat more and still lose weight? I can help. Eating smart means you can eat more… here are 10 tips on how to eat and lose weight.

1. Try for Five, Part 1

Wait, what? You can eat more often than you’re eating now and still lose weight? It’s true! Eating smaller meals more often keeps you from being hungry, so you’re a lot less likely to be tempted to make a hunger-induced mistake (like, oh, cheesecake!)… eating more often also means your metabolism will kick into, and stay in, high gear.

Try for Five, Part 2
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