7 Tips for Helping Your Man Lose Weight ...

Maybe you’ve been pushing your guy to lose a few, and need some tips for helping your man lose weight. It’s not hard for anyone to lose weight, including men. Hey, we’re all human, and food is tempting. It’s also a means of survival, which makes most of us more tempted to turn to sugar and fat as a desperate human instinct. Your man is no different than you when it comes to being tempted by certain foods. Plus, tell any man he has to give up his potatoes and steak, and he’ll most likely feel like you when someone tells you that you have to live without chocolate. Yikes! To keep your man sane and slim, check out these tips for helping your man lose weight. I bet you’ll see it’s much easier than you might think, and won’t cause you or your man to go crazy.

1. Exercise Together

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If your man isn’t active, one of the best ways for helping your man lose weight is to help him become more active. If he’s lagging in getting himself to the gym, opt to go with him, or do outdoor activities together. If you two can find a workout you enjoy, this will also give you more time together and give you a free excuse to work out.

2. Cook Together

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Cooking for your guy is great, but what about cooking together? Teach him how to eat healthy by preparing it with him. Also, take him shopping for good foods so he doesn’t reach for the bad stuff at home.

3. Clear the Junk

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If you don’t keep junk food in his place, he can’t eat junk food as easily. Talk with him about how you’d like to fill his pantry with healthy foods, and more importantly his fridge. Then, go shopping, and have a pantry purge with his unhealthy snack foods.

4. Enlist the Trim Healthy Mamas

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If you haven’t heard of the Trim Healthy Mama Diet, your man and you are missing out! This amazing diet is a no brainer. You can have all food groups (carbs, fats, and proteins), but the diet shows you how to eat in a way that keeps you slim. More men have had success with this diet than typical calorie restriction diets, or diets that put food off limits. Check it out at trimhealthymama.com.

5. Get Him Some Inspiration

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Another tip to help your man lose weight is to give him some inspiration. Maybe he needs a good guy role model in terms of health and weight loss. One of my favorites is Drew Canole, who used to be an unhealthy and overweight young man, and turned to a clean, whole foods lifestyle, along with juicing. He’s one of the fittest and most attractive promoting this lifestyle I’ve ever seen, and he has free videos on YouTube anyone can watch. Giving your guy a good inspiration role model like Drew is one way to inspire him that he can do it when he puts his mind to it. You can learn more about Drew at fitlife.tv.

6. Talk to Him

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Really talk to your guy about losing weight and be gentle when you do. Don’t tell him he’s fat and that he just “needs to lose weight.” Really offer concern, understanding, and support. This can show him that he can do it and you’re there to help him for the right reasons, not just because you’re concerned about his physical performance.

7. Learn and Encourage

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The best way to help your guy lose weight is to learn as much as possible about nutrition, whole foods, and men’s health. Read Men’s Health magazine, read the Trim Healthy Mama Diet book to learn about nutrition, and find good sources on the Internet. The more you know, the more you can help, and the more you can encourage him with quality information. It’s not just about calories, but about correct quality.

If you’ve ever helped your man lose weight, I want to hear from you. What did you do and is it still working?

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