8 Amazing Tips for Eating a Low Carb Diet ...


If you’re wanting to try the benefits that a low carb diet can offer, such as better blood sugar levels, some weight loss, and some hunger control, there are a few tips you need to know. Many low carb diets are dangerous, restrictive and quite unhealthy. The simple truth is, the right low carb diet can actually be pretty awesome. Think less blood sugar swings, an increased sense of satiety that leads to less late-night snacking, eating simple and healthy foods, and keeping processed foods and junk out of your body. The key to doing it right is following some crucial steps you’ll find here. Oh, and if you’re worried about eating a low carb diet, or unsure about it, these tips also cover some of the basic ideas most people worry about. I find that eating this way takes away that nasty sugar monster that lives inside of me, and keeps my blood sugar stable. Try these tips and let me know what you think!

1. Don’t Go Overboard

A low carb diet does not mean living off meats and fat to be healthy or thin. If you cut too many carbs at one time, then you’re going to get what is known as “carb crash” from the dramatic drop of carbs. You’ll feel exhausted, tired and suffer from a terrible mood. You need to slowly drop the carbs that cause a rise in your glycemic index, starting with sugar, refined sugars, added sugars from agave, honey, maple syrup and molasses, along with grains at first, which you can add back later, and potatoes. After that, don’t worry so much about the carbs in other veggies. You will need to limit fruit if you’re just starting out since it can mess with your blood sugar too, with the exception of berries, green apples and grapefruit.

Always Eat Protein at Every Meal
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