I'll Drink to That 👍 : Spa Water 💦 for Tasty 😋 Rehydration ...


Wondering about spa water for tasty rehydration? Spa water, also known as fruit-infused water, is a healthier drink compared to plain water, soda, and energy drinks. The various fruits flavor the water, sneaking the nutrients into our bodies. The sky is the limit when it comes to spa water. Use any combination. The point is to get in more water and be healthy and that's what makes spa water for tasty rehydration such a great choice.

A few examples, include:

1. Sweet Pepper Spa Water

Remove the seeds from 2 cups of peppers (green, red and yellow). Place the peppers in the bottom of a pitcher. Fill with one gallon of water. Chill before serving.

Pineapple-Lemon Spa Water
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