13 Small Changes to Get the Beach Body You Want ...


13 Small Changes to Get the Beach Body You Want ...
13 Small Changes to Get the Beach Body You Want ...

Do you know how to get the beach body you want? Well other than the normal working out and eating healthy, there are other tricks that can really help you lose that dreaded 5 pounds. Follow the below thirteen tips and you will get the beach body you want!

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Don’t Eat after 8

Don’t Eat after 8 This is my number one tip to get the beach body you want. I know we have all heard this, but does anyone actually follow it? Well I do, and I find it really helps. Try eating your dinner around 5:30 or 6 p.m., and make it healthy enough that you will not be hungry again later on. This is harder than it sounds, so if you do get hungry after 8 p.m., eat an apple or banana, something that will tide you over till the morning without too many empty calories.


Smaller Portions

Smaller Portions Our eyes can get a little excited sometimes, but eating smaller portions will make a world of difference. Start dishing your meals on smaller plates, and go from there. While you are eating your smaller portions, drink water. Cut out soda from your meals and anything else that contains a lot of sugar.


The Wait 15-Minutes Trick

The Wait 15-Minutes Trick This trick helps me every day. If you start feeling hungry, wait 15 minutes to see if you are still feeling that urge. Usually it can be out of boredom and the urge goes away. This trick really helps you figure out if you are hungry and can teach you how snacking usually is just an urge. If you still feel hungry after the 15 minutes, reach for some fruit or veggies.


Drinking Water

Drinking Water Always have a litre of water on your desk. This is the best way to fight that snacking feeling and that afternoon coffee feeling. Water is so good for you (as we all know) and benefits more than your cravings; it is amazing for your skin! This will help you feel rejuvenated.


Sit Ups during Commercial

Sit Ups during Commercial This is something I do regularly. If you are sitting around watching TV on a Saturday, get up every time a commercial comes on and do 50 sit-ups. This will make a huge difference and I know you will SEE a difference. Any time you can, do some sit-ups! The tummy is the problem area that most women have, so why not really narrow in and try your best to make it what you want.


Snack on Fruit

Snack on Fruit Pre-make your snacks! Instead of reaching for the cookies or chips, reach for the pre cut veggies or fruit. Even though you might have worked out that morning, snacking can really throw a curve ball into your health. Make sure to not give up during the hard times of the day and be prepared!


Never Give up

Never Give up This is true! Make sure you work out and eat healthy, while staying motivated. It takes everyone different times to lose weight, so don’t get discouraged if your workout buddy loses it faster. As long as you are happy with your weight and how you look, that’s all that matters.


Take the Stairs

Take the Stairs When you're at work, the mall, school, or anywhere else where you have the option of taking stairs - do it! This way you're getting in a little cardio everyday. Although it's not a crazy exercise, it's a little change that can make a big impact. If your body isn't used to working a little bit there will be a little change. There are going to be days that you don't want to walk those steps, but think of each step as a step closer to your goal.


Brown Bag It

Brown Bag It Stop buying lunch because you never know what is in that food! Chances are the food you buy at work or at school isn't that healthy for you. Start buying food and bringing it with you for lunch. This way you know exactly what is in your food, how many calories you're taking in, and that you're likely eating healthier.


2% or Skim Milk

2% or Skim Milk Stop using whole milk in your coffee. On that note, stop drinking flavored coffees from coffee places. Get regular coffee with 2% or skimmed milk. This is a quick and easy way to save tons of calories! You probably don't think this would make a big difference, but trust me it will.


Smaller Plates

Smaller Plates If you eat off of small plates, your portions look bigger. This is a quick thing to change that tricks you into thinking you're eating more than you are. This will help you think that you're full because you'll likely clear your plate. We assume that when we clear our plates we've eaten a lot even if we haven't. Eventually you'll get used to eating those portions and you'll get full.


Blot Your Pizza

Blot Your Pizza If you're trying to lose weight you probably shouldn't be eating pizza at all, but who can resist?! If you blot your pizza you can save up to 50-100 calories on every slice. The grease that you're taking off has so many calories and so much fat that when you take off the grease you're making a significant change.


Get Away from the TV

Get Away from the TV When you eat or snack in front of the TV it can become habit to just mindlessly keep eating. Make it a rule that you'll only eat in your dining room or kitchen. You'll likely eat less because you don't want to stay in there to eat a meal or snacks. If you must sit in front of the TV watch your portions; don't bring a whole bag of chips but just a bowl or even better, trade those chips for something healthier like grapes or nuts.

See, these aren’t hard! Getting the beach body you want can be easily done, if you are dedicated. Don’t give up, eat healthy and workout. It might take time, but it will all pay off when you are flaunting your stuff for all the boys to see! Have you tried these tricks and have they worked?

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I don't think I could be as hot as that girl!

I started the habit of not eating after 6 when I was 14-15 and it was the best idea in my entire life

Thank you

Love it

If I do all this seven things will I lose 5 pounds by next month!!

Love that curvy model

However, I do disagree with number 1, you should avoid eating an apple or banana or any fruit so late at night.

Thx for the tips! For the last 3 months I stopped eating after 6 and I've lost 10 pounds :) So I know this works!

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