7 Skinny Ice Cream Products to Enjoy This Summer ...

By Heather

7 Skinny Ice Cream Products to Enjoy This Summer ...

I don’t regularly buy ice cream at the store for budgeting purposes, but when I get a craving for a creamy treat, I make sure I scour the skinny ice cream products in the freezer aisles instead of reaching for the Ben and Jerry’s. Ice cream and I have had a long love affair since I was introduced to the Dairy Queen as a child. Baskin Robbins was always a weekly treat during high school, and I never turned down an opportunity to go the store and grab a tub of mint chocolate chip. Yep, I’m a self-proclaimed ice cream addict, but now, I’m more passionate about nutrition than I am with dumping my body with the sugar, fat-laden ice cream. Instead, I decided to make it a fun hobby being on the lookout for the latest and greatest skinny ice cream products out there, and thought I would share them with you all! I do avoid artificial sweeteners when possible, but a few of these on the list do include some, while others are completely natural. When looking for skinny ice cream products, I check the sugar content, fat content and ingredient labels, and the serving size. Then, I go from there and pick the best option possible. Here are my picks for the latest skinny ice cream products on store shelves so that this summer, you can still enjoy your favorite summertime treat, without holding back or having guilt!

1 So Delicious No Sugar Added Ice Cream

So Delicious No Sugar Added Ice Cream So Delicious is one of the best vegan ice cream lines out there, and their sugar-free ice cream is one of the best skinny ice cream products out there. The vegan line of ice cream products has had a no sugar added ice cream line based from coconut milk for a couple of years now, and their flavor options are fantastic. This brand has more fat than most other skinny ice cream products, but it is all from the good fat coming from coconuts, and this ice cream contains more fiber than any other brand as well. It also contains no artificial sweeteners, flavors or preservatives, no gluten, GMOs or animal products, and absolutely no harmful fats or sugars. It is only sweetened with stevia and comes in flavors like mint chocolate chip, chocolate, vanilla, butter pecan and toasted almond chip. For about $5 a pint, it can be pricey, but worth the splurge when you just really get a craving!

2 Arctic Zero

Arctic Zero If you really want to indulge and eat a whole pint of ice cream for yourself without eating over 400 calories, then Arctic Zero is your answer. One pint of this high protein ice cream is only 150 calories, contains no fat, and only has 6 grams of non-refined sugar. It has 14 grams of lean protein from non-GMO whey protein powder, no lactose, gluten or sugar alcohols, and it has 8 grams of fiber! It comes in amazing flavors like chocolate peanut butter, chocolate, vanilla, vanilla maple sugar, coffee, mint chocolate chip, strawberry, pumpkin spice, and cookies and cream! Still not convinced? It also has no artificial flavors or preservatives of any kind, but does contain organic cane sugar, so you’ll still want to watch how often you indulge. Per serving, which is ¼ a pint, it only has 5 grams of sugar. The brand also has 85 calorie bars for proper portion sizes, which would be the easiest option if you’re like me and have a hard time stopping with just one serving size! They also come in delicious flavors like vanilla, chocolate, strawberries and cream, and orange cream.

3 Enlightened Ice Cream Bars

Enlightened Ice Cream Bars One of the latest skinny ice cream products on the market are Enlightened Ice Cream bars, which have 8 grams of protein, 70 calories, no artificial sweeteners, only 3 grams of sugar, and they are low in fat. I’m personally in love with the coffee flavor, my personal favorite, but if you’re more of a chocolate fan, they have you covered. There is also an orange cream flavor for those of you who prefer a fruitier taste. The brand also has absolutely no added sugars, and only features the natural, sugar-free sweetener erythritol, monk fruit extract, and natural sugars from skim milk. The bars are non-GMO as well. With 8 grams of filling natural fibers, and a great ingredient list, I would definitely pick up these bars if you get a chance! They are perfect for portion control, but if you did get a little crazy, you could eat the whole box for only 280 calories and 8 grams of fat.

4 So Delicious Mini No Sugar Added Bars

So Delicious Mini No Sugar Added Bars So Delicious, one of my favorite dairy-free, vegan companies, also offers a line of no sugar added ice cream bars and fudge bars along with their ice cream line. The bars are coconut milk based, but lower in fat than the pints are per serving. Each bar, which is made of coconut milk, also has plenty of fiber, and uses stevia as the sweetener. I can testify these bars are really small, but insanely delicious! They are so tasty and really satisfy a chocolate craving when you get one. Each bar clocks about 80 calories, 6 grams of healthy fats from the coconut milk, 8 grams of belly-filling fiber, and no sugar. Definitely give these bars a try if you want a really sweet option completely guilt-free.

5 Edy’s No Sugar Added Slow Churned Ice Cream

Edy’s No Sugar Added Slow Churned Ice Cream If you’re a fan of Edy’s ice cream, you’re in luck! The brand has a fantastic line of lower fat, no-sugar added ice creams available in some pretty tasty flavors. These are sweetened with Splenda and other artificial flavors, but I’ll admit, they taste really good! They contain only 4 grams of fat, 3 grams of natural milk sugar and 120 calories per serving. They even have a little fiber as well. I must say, even though I like to steer clear of artificial sweeteners, this ice cream is really, really good and worth a try if you want real ice cream without the fat, or if you’re not concerned with artificial sweeteners. My personal favorite in this line is the fat-free, no-sugar added Chocolate and Vanilla swirl flavor, for only 100 calories, 4 grams of sugar and no fat per serving. The line comes in many flavors, including mint chocolate chip, vanilla chocolate swirl (fat-free), butter pecan, fudge tracks, vanilla, vanilla bean, triple chocolate and Neapolitan.

6 Coconut Secret Raw Coconut Cream Ice Cream

Coconut Secret Raw Coconut Cream Ice Cream If you’re into raw food and want some ice cream, guess what? The brand Coconut Secret gives you the best of both worlds! They have an organic raw coconut cream ice cream that has no refined sugar, animal products, GMOs, gluten, soy, or artificial anything! The raw ice cream is only sweetened with raw coconut nectar, and for the lowest sugar option, choose the vanilla flavor, which is made of real Madagascar vanilla beans! I have worked with this company through my blog, and they truly are amazing. The ice cream line is also available in Caribbean chocolate, pina colada and a berry fusion blend. You can find them in stores like Whole Foods or order them online!

7 Healthy Choice Ice Cream Fudge Bars

Healthy Choice Ice Cream Fudge Bars This bar is one of my top favorite skinny ice cream products due to its low sugar content, low calorie content and low fat content. For only 80 calories, 1.5 grams of fat and 4 grams of sugar, these bars are excellent as far as nutritional stats go. Now, if you’re concerned with artificial sweeteners, you’ll want to pass up on this brand since it does include them, but if you’re not concerned or want to treat yourself to a really tasty, low-calorie fudge bar once in awhile, go for it. These bars are much larger than the famous No Sugar Added Fudgesicles, which are also really good, but also really small. These bars are larger than any other ice cream bar I’ve found with the amount of calories and sugar they contain, and they're pretty much guilt-free.

There are many other great skinny ice cream products out there, but these 7 are my favorite in terms of taste, nutrition and overall availability. Depending on your dietary concerns, your idea of skinny may differ from mine, and that’s perfectly fine! In choosing healthy ice cream products, be sure to look at overall calories, sugar and fat content per serving, not just by serving size. What are your favorite skinny ice cream product brands out there?

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body fat isnt bad, thats fat shaming. sure, certain kinds of body fat is bad like if you have a very unhealthy diet but if you can be fat and very healthy. i would know.

I use this coconut milk with whey protein and ice blended every morning and love it.... Has anyone here actually tried this product?

I like this post.. Give you different options.. I've tries the coconut chocolate minis and love them..

@Alex...Can't be fat and healthy, overweight is unhealthy, look it up. Period! If you eat clean, healthy and work out there is no reason to be overweight. If you are overweight and self conscience then that's personal, but def should speak to a doctor about it.

Finally what I needed! Thank you!

i just love this !thanks.

Awesome article btw! Love it, till now i've been freezing bananas and putting it in the blender topped with cinnamon for ice-cream -___-



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