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4 Simple Rules to Help You Lose Weight ...

By Leiann

In an article in the Chicago Tribune by CNN on December 28, 2011, it was stated that Anita Mills was 382 pounds when a family doctor gave her four simple rules to lose weight:

1 Eat 8 Ounces of Food Every Three Hours

2 No Sugary Drinks


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3 Do Not Skip Meals

4 Do Not Tell Anyone What You're Doing

According to the article, she is now 242 pounds lighter and credits that last tip for helping her through the most difficult months of her weight-loss journey.

Ms. Mills states that it is so much better to walk into a room and have someone say, 'Hey, did you do something different?' than to announce, 'I'm on a diet'.

Often, loved ones persist in saying that we are not eating "enough". Friends often say that it is a special occasion and that it is okay to splurge.

For example, my mother would take me to KFC where I have a favorite of potato wedges every-so-often. You know how filling and fattening these are. She insists on treating me to a couple of tacos too. Potatoes are not "enough".

A couple of months ago, I bought portion plates. My weight had been at a stand-still for over a year. Sure enough, I lost 6 pounds and was elated. I even gave a housemate a portion plate and she lost 10 pounds. Toward the 4th of July, the housemate kept claiming it was a "special" occasion. I knew better. I am a highest honors graduate in fitness and nutrition. Guess what? I have regained the 6 pounds.

What am I going to do? I have a weight loss battle plan. I recently read about the Weight Watchers Freestyle program. One does not have to be a member to follow. The Official foods may be found on their website. One may have whatever one wants from this list and not have to worry. I am not going to tell anyone about my battle plan, (except for you!).

Still need the comfort of a friend? Reach out to friends at, a fitness and nutrition website. Surround yourself with those who want to see you be happy and successful...not obese and miserable.

Yes, accountability often works. However, think of how often accountability has failed you. Do something new and exciting. Be your own cheering section and watch yourself succeed!


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