5 Simple πŸ‘Œ Mindfulness πŸ—―Tricks to Eat Less 🍽 ...


Want some simple mindfulness tricks to eat less? I’m sure that when it comes to your diet, you have heard people say a thousand times, over and over that making the right kinds of food choices is a mind over matter type situation. It might sound like one of those clichΓ© lines that people just spout when it feels right, but for a healthy, balanced diet, practising some kind of mindfulness can actually be a helpful and positive factor in changing your eating habits. If you are looking to make a lifestyle change yourself, then here are five simple mindfulness tricks to eat less.

1. Turn off Devices

This is one of the best simple mindfulness tricks to eat less. Try not to eat and scroll at the same time. When your mind is on other topics other than eating you tend to graze for longer. If you are concentrating on your meal, then you won’t be so susceptible to overeating.

Set Limits
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